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Namco Classics Collection
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Year introduced1995
Parent seriesNamco Museum

Namco Classics Collection is a series of two compilation arcade games which had been released by Namco in 1995 and 1996; they were the only two titles that ran on the company's ND-1 hardware and featured carbon copies of their earlier games, along with six new "Arrangement" versions of each of them. The carbon copies of the earlier games would now also end (after an adjustable number of rounds, for NCV1, but after a preset number of rounds in NCV2) - and the carbon copies of Rally-X (1980) and New Rally-X (1981) had also been modified to fit a vertical monitor, for they both originally used a horizontal one. The "Arrangement" version of Rally-X was also single player only (as opposed to the other "Arrangements", which are all multiplayer!).

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