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Rolling Thunder
The logo for Rolling Thunder.
Publisher(s)Namco, Atari Games
Year introduced1986
Genre(s)Run and gun

Rolling Thunder is a series of three run and gun games, that were released by Namco between 1986 and 1993. The original title in the series focused on a secret agent codenamed "Albatross", a member of the World Crime Police Organization's "Rolling Thunder" unit (after which the series is named); however, the second title focused on both him and his fellow WCPO agent, named "Leila Blitz", and the third and final title (which was direct-to-console release) focused on a third WCPO agent, named "Jay" (and it also featured a boss and another operative named "Ellen" as two non-player characters).

  • Rolling Thunder (1986, Arcade): The original title in the series ran on the company's System 86 hardware and was licensed to Atari Games for US manufacture and distribution; focused on Albatross trying to save his fellow agent (the aforementioned Blitz) from the terrorist organization "Geldra".
  • Rolling Thunder 2 (1990, Arcade): The second title in the series was released directly by Namco 4 years after the original, and ran on their System 2 hardware; it focused on both Albatross and Leila as orbiting satellites of many countries were mysteriously destroyed and the world fell into chaos.
  • Rolling Thunder 3 (1993, Sega Genesis): The third and final title in the series was released 3 years after the second, for the Sega Genesis; and as mentioned above, it focused on a third WCPO agent named Jay who's been sent to find and take out Geldra's second-in-command, named "Dread".

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