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DMMd Sprites.png

DRAMAtical Murder is a visual novel, with multiple routes and endings. To find out how to follow these routes and obtain these endings for a complete CG collection, follow the specific character guides. When playing without a guide, make sure to save at every choice and abuse Nitro Skip for a quicker and easier experience.

Whether you are on your way to a good or bad ending is indicated by the brain at the bottom-right corner of the menu. Make bad decisions and the brain will fill with red. If the brain is blue, you will get a good ending, and if it is red, a bad ending. This can be checked regularly during gameplay.

The routes you complete can be seen on the main menu. Initially, Aoba and Ren sprites will be walking along the logo. Clear more routes for more characters to join them, until the whole cast is present. And remember: a route does not count as cleared until after the credits. Quit during the credits and you must start from your last save for the game to register the cleared route.

Trivial notes
  • Every bad ending has a different song.