Dark Law: Meaning of Death/Beginning of Destiny

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As the game begins, you'll find yourself lying outside an ancient temple. Walk south off the screen, and follow the path down. If you want to read that monument you can see on the right, the way through to it is hidden almost directly to its left; but it won't be significant for a long time yet. In any case, your objective is the cliff edge. Examine the projection to the right twice. Now collect either or both of the vines (there's one on each screen: if you take both, the next scene is slightly different), and examine the projection again to tie the vine or rope to it. Climb down.

After waking up, walk through the doorway to your south. A long conversation follows. It doesn't matter whether you answer "Yes"' or "No" when Oriona asks whether you'll help with the work - you'll end up doing it anyway. After this you'll return to bed. When you wake up again, head south again and go outside. Talk to Oriona, then follow him left and up. Talk to him twice more and take the hoe. Don't start work yet: instead head north onto the next screen. See that blue sparkle? That's a Silver Dagger, so dig it up. Now head south two screens. There's another sparkle in the bottom left: grab that too; it's a Blue Crystal. You can sell it in Shanoah for a few extra pieces of gold (every little bit helps).

Now head back north and get hoeing! If you're lucky you may find some more crystals. To get away with the minimum amount of work, hoe the top left square, and then go and talk to Oriona. Now hoe the one above the bottom left, then the one to the right of that, and then any one of the remaining unhoed squares. If you talk to Oriona again now, he should be happy to chat for a while.

You regain control back on the southern screen. Move east a little for a nasty surprise, then go and (you guessed) talk to Oriona. He'll give you a letter. Talk to him again. Now you're free to depart at last - so head off east and set off for the town!

Go to the castle, where you must talk to King Reynard. You'll hand over the letter; he'll give you 50 gold and authorise you to enter the Sealed Cave. And that's the end of the initial scenario.