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To begin the scenario, talk to the guy at the pub and agree to help him. Now you must buy a potion if you don't have one, and leave the town. Select the middle option "??" to go to Toras Forest.

Follow the path north. Before the end of the first screen you'll see a little hole in the rock. If you examine that, you'll fight a couple of Toras Vipers. It's a very easy battle, so you might as well do it for the experience. Then carry on until you reach Lambar's hut.

Enter the hut. You need to examine the wolf's head on the table; then leave again and keep going north. On the next screen the path forks. Examine the obstruction on the right-hand fork and the boulder blocking the left-hand way.

Since you can't go any farther, head back to the hut. It's still empty, but now if you go back north and up the left-hand side someone will appear. Talk to her, examine the boulder, then keep talking to her (you'll give her a potion) until she moves it. Take the new path and head north into the cave.

Immediately to your north is a dead end with a nest at the end. Examine it twice, then head round to the room to the west of it. On the way, roughly at the centre of the screen, you'll pass a very short passage to the north, leading to an obvious dead end. If you search that dead end, though, you'll find an M-stone! You may not be able to get it when you come back here in a later scenario, so grab it now. When you reach that back room, examine the hole in the north wall three times; you'll find a pendant, which is the Teardrop accessory (so equip it!). Now head south again; you'll drop out of the hole from which the woman fell. Return to the hut. Talk to the woman first if you don't want to miss any dialogue; the outcome is the same whomever you select, though. Talk to her a second time if you want to learn her name.

Now you can head back to the town. Go to the pub and talk to end the scenario.