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"Spoils" are items received upon searching an enemy's corpse. Generally speaking you can only do this if you defeated the enemy in Dungeon Mode, and it's random whether you receive the spoils or not.

The "status" data is based on examination of the ROM data. Bear in mind that this process is incomplete, so a blank space doesn't necessarily mean that an enemy causes no status effect.

No value for experience is given. This is because experience seems to be an attribute of groups of monsters, not of the monsters themselves. For example, a group of five Slimes gives you 100 exp and one of three Oak Jellies gives you 90 exp. Based on that, you might think that one of four Slimes and one Oak Jelly would give you 110 exp - but it actually gives you 200.

Name HP MP Spoils Status
Acid Gel 88 N/A
Black Head 90 Antidote
Black Widow 64 Potion Numb
Bloodpicker 110 Antidote Poison
Bloodsucker 120 Panacea Numb
Blue Murder 206 100 Potion
Cave Bat 18 N/A
Centipede 70 Antidote Poison
Chemicaloid 158 N/A
Cult Murder 106 Potion
Dark Matter 60 N/A Numb
Daruk Golem 666 500 Destroyer(?)
Demi-Ilayaster 160 200 Silk Robe
Death Parrot 170 48 Bone Ring
Eleanor Zombie 90 130 N/A
Fang Gel 137 Antidote
Gargbat 108 Potion Numb
Grassjack 40 Antidote Poison
Heat Garg 118 100 Antidote Numb
Hell Bandit 120 Gold
Hell Worm 110 N/A
Iron Golem 380 120 Red Crystal
Killer Crow 95 N/A
Killer Tusk 232 Gold
King Daruk 999 999 N/A
Knight Idol 165 Blue Crystal
Living Armor 258 186 Red Crystal
Mad Dog 155 Potion
Magifox 188 280 Blue Crystal
Manhunter 190 40 Gold
Manhunter 2 280 60 Gold
Master Ninja 200 290 Murasame Blade
Mi-Yahgi 200 186 N/A
Mouse Eater 25 N/A
Nealertos 444 444 N/A
Ninja 190 230 Hinomoto Blade
Oak Jelly 20 N/A Poison
Poison Corpse 111 Blue Crystal Poison
Shadow Dueller 185 230 Crystal Ring
Slime 14 N/A
Stone Golem 250 Blue Crystal
Toras Viper 20 N/A
Undead Knight 210 Panacea
Undead Wolf 70 Antidote Poison
Vampire (1) 210 150 Talisman
Vampire (2) 275 200 Talisman
Werewolf 160 Potion Numb
Water Worm 85 Potion
Zombie 70 Gold Poison