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Insertion[edit | edit source]

Jock will drop you off at the roof of the Ton Hotel. As you climb down the fire escape, Tracer Tong will brief you and ask that you make contact with Harley Filben in the Underground tavern. When you drop down to the alley, Daedalus will incorrectly state that the streets are clear and that there is no danger.

Note that killing Riot Cops is more dangerous on this mission, even if you can hide. Killing these enemies will cause two Unatco troopers to approach and hunt you down. While they can be evaded, they are more dangerous than the standard officer.

Ton Hotel[edit | edit source]

The Ton hotel allows you to collect some items in Paul Denton's room, but there aren't that many supplies left. You can use the hotel as an alternate route to the outside ground if you aren't comfortable taking on or sneaking past the riot cops.

Underworld tavern[edit | edit source]

The underworld tavern has two people of interest. Harley Filben is located in the second room in the tavern. He will arrange a metting with Standon, and also give you a secondary objective to kill Joe Greene, the reporter.

You can also speak with Vinny within the tavern; he is the soldier left of the barkeep. After a conversation, he will mention that FEMA took over the advanced shipyard and evacuated the personnel. He is suspicious about the activities within the dockyard, and if you offer to check out that area, you will be able to get past the front gate in the dockyard without problem.

Stanton Dowd[edit | edit source]

When you reach the burned out warehouse, Stanton Dowd will brief you on the location of the superfreighter. He will give you the schematic for the freighter, showing five weak points that need to be blasted with explosives.

If you are short on explosives, he will suggest visiting Smuggler to collect some more equipment.

Free Clinic[edit | edit source]

This time, the clinic provides free healing; walk in and use the medical bot to recover any lost health.

You will also see Joe Greene in the corner of the clinic. As was mentioned by Harley, he is a spy for MJ12 and will need to be taken out.

Smuggler[edit | edit source]

Smuggler can be visited early on for a different set of equipment. However, once you speak with Stanton about the superfreighter, he will sell a pack of explosives at a slightly discounted price.

At the end of the conversation, you are given the option to tell him about whether or not Majestic 12 is chasing after you. This has a minor impact on dialogue in the following mission.

Once you purchased the explosives, MJ12 troops are prepared to attack. Unlike other enemies, they can track you down easily even when you are cloaked. To survive, you should run to the 'Ton Hotel in order to work your way to the roof.

Skill points[edit | edit source]

Amount Task
100 Contact Harley Filben
100 Speak with the soldier, Vinny, and accept to find out what's going on.
20 Reach Smuggler
900 Reach Stanton Dowd