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Debriefing[edit | edit source]

After returning to HQ from the assassination assignment, you will head downstairs to speak with Mr. Manderly. You will receive an op bonus of 1000 for finding the location of all three ambrosia canisters, and will either be praised or reprimanded depending on your performance in the previous mission.

You will also receive a new assignment: Head to Hong Kong to assassinate Tracer Tong. Before you head out, search the building for any desired equipment.

While you will mostly find ammo inside unatco, there is a multitool on your desk, a lockpick at Alex Jacobson's office, and an leg augmentation canister in the medical closet.

When you are done, head to the helipad; but Jock will bring you to Hell's Kitchen instead; your brother's in trouble.

Hell's Kitchen[edit | edit source]

From the roof of the hotel, climb down the ladder and in through the window to Paul's apartment. You will find Paul in the front room of the apartment. He will say that there is proof of a conspiracy, found in a datacube within NSF headquarters.

There are a few sidequests as well. In the Ton Hotel (and from various other individuals), various people ask you to get rid of JoJo. The "happiest" way to complete this sidequest is to give Gilbert a weapon and wait for Jojo to start combat. You can kill Jojo as he approaches, as well as let Jojo kill off the Rentons.

Smuggler is available, and he will sell you either a range augmentation, clip extension or a napalm canister for a price.

The free clinic and warehouse are blocked off. While you can enter the sewers, the lab has been collapsed.

NSF Headquarters[edit | edit source]

While you only need to use the computer systems on the roof, you may need to collect the necessary information if you are unable to break into the computer system.

First, check the women's bathroom for the HQ key. Next, head to the third floor and open the basement from within the computer room.

The basement of the headquarters is heavily guarded with lasers and turrets. While computer, lockpicking and electronics skills allow you to skip some of the hazards, you will may need to go through a dangerous area.

The username and password for the roof's computer is in a datacube on top of the cabinet. The proof of conspiracy is located in the locked cabinet.

Once you are done in the basement, you can take the shortcut to the surface and head to the roof. As soon as you send the signal, UNATCO soldiers will become hostile and will attack.

Return to your brother to continue.

The Raid[edit | edit source]

When you reach Paul and inform him of your success, he will tell you the code to the subway: 6282. MJ12 troops will also try to attack. You may attempt to fight them off, or flee out the window (although leaving by the window will result in Paul Denton dying.)

You can exit the hotel either by the front or by the window. However, there will be a few more UNATCO troops on the streets as well a security bots. Enter the subway by entering the code provided.

At the other end of the subway will be Anna Navarre, if she is still alive. If you kill her at this point, she will not taunt you in the following scene. Her weapon is the assault gun, which is negated with ballistic armor or the ballistic shield augmentation. She will cloak when low on health and explodes on death.

After the battle, exit the subway by the stairs to encounter Gunther; you cannot exit by the vents because the exit is blocked off. You cannot defeat Gunther at this time, and your only option is to surrender. If you make it to the top of the stairs before he talks to you you get some extra experience.