Deus Ex/Skills

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Weapons[edit | edit source]

The weapons skill determine your effectiveness with the weapons in the game. Assigning skill points to them will improve damage and accuracy from weapons. It also allows you to more quickly obtain an accurate shot with a given weapon type.

The damage is increased by 20%, 50% and 100% on Trained, Advanced, and Master skill levels respectively, though incorrectly states half that in the stats. The base accuracy is increased by 10%, 25%, and 50%, again, incorrectly showing half in the stats.

Weapons: Heavy[edit | edit source]

While you can use heavy weapons without training, equipping them will slow you down. In addition to the base effects, improving the skill will reduce the movement penalty, and reduces the shaking when using scoped weapons.

This skill covers all heavy two-handed weapons, such as flamethrowers, LAWs, GEP guns, and Plasma guns.

Weapons: Pistol[edit | edit source]

This skill covers all one-handed ranged weapons, including 10mm pistols, its stealth variant, the mini-crossbow, and the PS20 plasma pistol. It also reduces shaking used by scoped weapons.

Weapons: Rifle[edit | edit source]

This skill covers two-handed weapons, such as the assault rifle, sniper rifle, and the two shotguns. It also reduces the shaking used by scoped weapons.

Weapons: Low-Tech[edit | edit source]

This skill covers all melee weapons, as well as throwing knives and pepper guns.

Weapons: Demolition[edit | edit source]

This skill covers thrown explosives and grenades. Improving the skill also gives additional time to disarm proximity explosives planted on nearby walls.

Environmental Training[edit | edit source]

This skill improves the functionality of Hazmat suits, ballistic armor, thermoptic camo, and rebreathers. At the untrained skill, the power of these items deplete rapidly and have a minimal effect; training improves the effectiveness and duration of these items.

Lockpicking[edit | edit source]

This skill allows you to pick locks. Without training, you can only remove 10% of the lock's strength per lockpick. Training increases this amount to 25%, 40%, and 75%.

Electronics[edit | edit source]

This skill allows you to bypass electronic devices, turrets and cameras. Without training, you can only remove 10% bypass strength per multitool. Training increases this amount to 25%, 40%, and 75%.

Medicine[edit | edit source]

This skill improves the effectiveness of medikits. Initially, they heal 30 health points, but training increases this to 60, 75, and 90.

Computer[edit | edit source]

Without training, you need a username and password to log into a computer system. Once you receive training, you are given the ability to hack into computer systems and ATMs without the associated password, and behave as if you are a logged-in user.

Additional training will increase the amount of time available, as well as enabling extra functionality such as the control of turret systems (advanced). At the trained level, you will barely have enough time to read e-mails within the accounts. However, you really only need emails when a certain security code is in them and you can hack as many times as you like to read more.

Only if you want to control turrets for opening crates (enemy soldiers can be targeted automatically at trained) or want to look through the security camera for extended periods of time is this skill useful past trained.

Additionally, the computer skill will allow you to increase how much money you get from ATMs, with hacking them giving money from ALL accounts associated with the ATM rather than logging into one. Along with this, the amount of money that can be withdrawn is doubled at advanced level, and quadrupled at master level

Swimming[edit | edit source]

This skill increases the amount of time that may be spent underwater, as well as the swimming speed.