Diablo/Odgen's Sign

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Once you reach level 4 of the labyrinth, talking to Odgen, he could tell you a strange story, about some demons who stole the sign of his tavern.

Exploring the fourth level of the labyrinth, you’ll find a square area, completely surrounded by corridors, where you will also notice the staircase that descends to the lower level, which however is not accessible. Entering the door southeast in this area, you will find a demon called Snotspill. Talking to him, he will ask you (in his own way) to kill the "big uglies" and bring him the magic banner, which is in the door around the corner, otherwise he will attack you with his henchmen. Note: this will happen even if you haven't spoken to Odgen yet. Make your way to the north corner of this area and enter the door. Here you will meet some fat demons similar to the Butcher. Don't worry, they aren't as dangerous as him and you should eliminate them without too much trouble. At the end of the room, you will find a large chest, containing the tavern sign. To be able to open it, however, you must have already spoken to Snotspill. Collect the sign. At this point you have two possibilities. You can deliver the sign to Snotspill, who will betray you and attack you along with his minions, or give it back it to Odgen. The second option is certainly better. If you bring the sign to Odgen, he will reward you with the Harlequin Crest. It's not much of a reward, but it's still better than getting screwed by Snotspill

Return to the labyrinth and head to the room where Snotspill is. He will attack you along with a horde of Fallen Ones. If you play as the Sorcerer, try to use spells that allow you to attack many enemies at once, such as Firewall or Lightning. Instead, Rogues and Warriors will have to prepare for carnage. If you use the Warrior, in particular, stay in front of the door so that enemies can only attack you one at a time. Snotspill is not one of the most fearsome opponents and when he dies you will get another magical item. Eliminate them all. You will then notice that the staircase that allows you to descend into the catacombs is now accessible.

REWARD: Harlequin Crest

  • Armor Class: -3
  • Hit Points: +7
  • Mana: +7
  • Durability: 15
  • No required attributes