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If at the beginning of the game you notice that the water from the well in the center of the town is yellowish, it means that you will have to face this mission. Talking to Pepin, you will learn that the water from the well is in fact poisoned and that the people of the village are getting sick. He will then ask you to investigate.

On level 2 of the labyrinth, you will find a crack in a wall, the caption of which says "to a dark passage". Enter it and you will enter a cave. Here you will meet several tough demons called Flesh Clan and some minor enemies. All you have to do is clear this area of demons. Nothing too difficult, just be careful not to get surrounded. After all the demons have been eliminated, a sound will be heard and the water in the stream will automatically turn blue. Return to the town and talk to Pepin, who will thank you for saving the inhabitants and give you the Ring of Truth as a reward.

REWARD: Ring of Truth

  • Hit Points +10
  • -1 Damage from Enemies
  • Resist all +10%