Diablo III/Barbarian skills

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A powerful sweeping blow that imbues the weapon with some sort of energy. This attack can hit multiple targets in a 90° arc from where it is initiated (45° on either side of a target).

Ground Stomp[edit]

The barbarian strikes the ground with one foot, shattering it beneath him and sending out a radial shock wave that stuns enemies. The duration of this effect is significant, and it may or may not deal damage to foes.


Unlike in Diablo II, the new version of Leap has the barbarian strike the ground (or a target) with all his might (sort of a combination of both Leap and Leap Attack, however, no knockback effect has been shown aside from flying bodies) in which an explosion of energy appears at the targeted area. Any enemies in the targeted area are dealt damage. This may or may not be restricted to targeting enemies.

Seismic Slam[edit]

The barbarian throws his energy forward, focusing it through his weapon, and into the ground. The energy jumps beyond several random points in a somewhat linear line. This attack is not a beam, but rather several points of attack. Judging by the size of the craters, these points of attack vary in size. From the demonstration video on the site, it looks as if each attack ranges from 6-8 striking points.


Using his or her spinning motion, a barbarian is able to move from place to place while dealing damage rapidly to multiple targets. The ability looks to be the same as in Diablo II; one detail from the gameplay footage shows that enemies can be struck if they are just outside of the barbarian's reach (the animation does not have to touch an enemy to damage it).