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  • Age: 19
  • Height: 180 cm (5' 10")
  • Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
  • Blood Type: AB

Shuu is the oldest of the Sakamaki brothers, the first son of both Beatrix and Karlheinz. He is the head of the household, though due to his lazy nature, these duties are usually pushed onto his younger brother, Reiji. His indifference to everything around him comes from his mother pushing him so that she could look better than her husband's second wife, Cordelia, when all he wanted to do was have fun. He later met a human boy and, despite their differences, befriended him. Shuu knew him as his first and final friend, and continues to blame himself for his death. Can usually be found sleeping in the mansion's living room or the school's music room, often while listening to music.

Dark 1 ……分かりました (...I understand)
2 そ……それは…… (
3 他にも? (You have more?)
4 シュウを起こす (Wake up Shuu)
5 嫌がる (Hate)
6 仕方ありませんね (I'm not interested)
7 また留年しますよ (I'll also be held back) S
でも、起きないで...... (But, you have to get up...) M
8 怯える (Get scared) M
抵抗する (Resist) S
9 やめて! (Stop it!) S
いや…… (No...) M
10 怖い…… (Scary...) M
いい顔…… (Nice face...) S
Maniac 1 これなら何とか……! (Somehow if this...!)
2 舐めるなんて…… (Lick how...)
3 帰りません (He hasn't returned)
4 優しく起こそう (Wake him gently)
5 分かりました (I understand)
6 ……違うかも (...Probably not)
7 そういう訳じゃ…… (I didn't mean that...) M
みんな平等 (Everyone is equal) S
8 絶対にあげない (Absolutely not) M
あねだりさせる (Let him beg) S
9 どうなっても知らない (I won't take care of you) S
自分で洗って (Wash yourself) M
10 なんの? (For what?) M
嫌! (No way!)
Ecstasy 1 怖い? (Scary?)
2 シュウを抱き締める (Hug Shuu)
3 嫌です (Disgusting)
4 シュウを撫でる (Pat Shuu)
5 何するつもり? (What are you going to do?)
6 ありがとう (Thank you)
7 シュウを抱き締める (Hug Shuu) M
シュウを押しのける (Push Shuu away) S
8 キスをする (Kiss) S
頬を撫でる (Pat cheek) M
9 いいよ (Alright) S
それは…… (That's...) M
10 綺麗だね (Beautiful) S
怖いから降ろして (I'm scared of being let go) M