Dragon Ball Z: Goku Hishouden/Snake Road

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Snake Road is completely irrelevant to battles, and is a side-scrolling stage that was thrown in. Snake Road can either be something you're really good at or something you wish Bandai never put into the game. Nevertheless, it is reminiscent of a typical platformer, and also very simple.


Control Action
Neutral dpad Move Goku
A button Jump
B button Run
Start button Pause
Right dpad+B button+A button Fly

Getting Through Snake Road[edit]

DBZ Goku Hishoden Snake Road.png

As said before, Snake Road is very simple. Just use the above controls to run and jump over gaps. Bumping into walls and falling into pits are hazards, and it will take you a few seconds to recover from them. When you see clouds, just jump on them. You won't fall, and they aren't part of the scenery. Flying is also very useful. Start flying from a high point though. If you fly from a low point, you'll bump into a higher ledge, which wastes you time.