Dragon Scroll/Gameplay

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  • Neutral dpad: Use the direction pad to guide the player throughout the world. He can walk in each of the four cardinal directions, and he cannot walk diagonally. Also use the direction pad to control item selection in the inventory menu.
  • A button: Press the A button to attack with your currently selected staff. Each staff fires a projectile ahead. Only one projectile may occupy the screen at one time.
  • B button: Press the B button to activate whichever magical item you have currently selected. A magic item may only be used provided you have sufficient magic power to operate the device. Upon activation, you will lose that many magic points from your current total.
  • Start button: Press the Start button to begin a new game.
  • Select button: Press the Select button during the game to pause the action and summon the status menu to the screen. Press A button to advance to the inventory menu, and to further information if it's available, or push B button to cancel the menu and return to the game.


Dragon Scroll player.png

You control a character named Feram throughout the game. Feram has been summoned by the god of the land, Narume, to recover the eight stolen books of magic which seal the Chaos dragon in a deep sleep. Feram is actually the Gold dragon in the form of a man. The only way to return the Chaos dragon to sleep is to collect the eight books and obtain an item that allows Feram to transform back into the Gold dragon, and defeat the Chaos dragon in battle.

As a man, Feram starts the game considerably weaker. He begins the game with a staff which he can use to fire projectiles at enemies. For each enemy he defeats, he gains experience, and as he gains experience, he rises in levels and becomes stronger. It is necessary for Feram to attain higher levels in order to use some of the more powerful equipment that he can find. Feram has a life bar and magic points. Feram loses health every time he is hit by an enemy or an enemy's projectiles. If Feram's life bar is depleted, he will die and the game will end. When it ends, you are given the choice to continue from the start of the area you died in, or receive a password that will allow you to continue later on. Magic points are used to activate the magic items that you collect. Each magic item uses a number of points per use, indicated next to the item on the inventory screen. Feram can only use an item provided he has sufficient magic points. Feram's health and magic increase at particular levels. See the chart below for more information.

Level progress[edit]

You begin the game with three health bars and a maximum of 50 magic points. Note that your health will fully recover at every level increase. The effects listed below are any effects that occur in addition to your health recovery.

Level EXP Effect
2 50 None.
3 200 MP recovered, maximum MP increases to 100.
4 400 Health meter increases to four bars.
5 650 MP recovered, Flame Staff becomes usable.
6 950 Maximum MP increases to 200.
7 1300 MP recovered, health meter increases to five bars.
8 1700 Attack power increased, Bullet Staff becomes usable.
9 2200 MP recovered, maximum MP increases to 300.
10 2800 Health meter increases to six bars.
11 3500 MP recovered, staff attack power increased.
12 4300 Maximum MP increases to 400.
13 5300 MP recovered, health meter increases to seven bars.
14 6700 Attack power increased.
15 7500 MP recovered, maximum MP increases to 500.