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All four characters have access to the same range of moves, but some are better suited to certain moves than others.

  • Attack: push the attack button as rapidly as possible. Your character will cycle through four different attacks, each reaching further and dealing more damage than the previous one. By the fourth attack almost any enemy will be knocked down.
  • Slam: push attack and forwards. After shouting your character will move forwards a bit and do a mighty swing, dealing about as much damage as the third standard attack. You can cancel the slam attack by pushing the opposite direction. The slam has the added advantage of making enemies dizzy. The Cleric's slam has a wide enough reach to hit enemies twice. It can also hit fallen enemies, and will make enemies dizzy far more frequently.
  • Pick up: stand over an item and press attack to get it. Note that picking up items has priority over attacking; if you're standing over some loot when fighting your character will have to pick it up first.
  • Read/open/use: stand in front of the object and press attack to read/open/use it. If you hit attack on a chest from the sides you'll break it instead, and from the back you'll pick it up instead. Each player can only interact with a particular object once, so bear this in mind for things like switches.
  • Dash: push in the direction you want to go, then quickly push and hold to run in that direction. You can move up and down while dashing. If you run into an enemy you'll damage them and possibly knock them down and/or make them dizzy.
  • Dash attack: dash, then push attack at the right moment. This deals more damage than merely running into your target, and has a greater reach.
  • Jump: push jump to jump.
  • Aerial attack: push attack while in the air to perform an aerial slash. You can also change your direction before performing this attack.
  • Downward thrust: jump, then press attack and down. Your character will thrust their weapon down as they land. When landing on bosses and groups of enemies you can continue holding attack and down to bounce across them repeatedly. You can also change direction while bouncing, but it is difficult to control.
  • Shield: push attack and then quickly push the opposite direction to the one you're facing. Keep holding attack and the direction to keep your shield out. This can block many attacks, but not all: magic, Hellhound breath, Burning Oils and boss attacks are all unblockable.
  • Riposte: block, then immediately perform a slam. If done correctly your character will do a powerful attack. This is difficult to perform as there is a small margin of error; if you wait too long your character will do a standard slam instead.
  • Ground attack: stand above a fallen enemy and rapidly hit attack to deal fairly decent damage. It's hard to get above them before they recover, but if you attack nonstop you can deal more damage than you would with a single aerial attack or downward thrust.
  • Crouch: hold jump and push down. This allows you to easily hit fallen enemies, and pick up treasure much faster. You're slower when crouching, however, and you can't use your shield. You also can't crouch after defeating an end-of-level boss.
  • Forwards roll: crouch, then let go of jump and immediately hit attack. Your character will roll forwards and then lash out with their weapon. While you can hit fallen enemies you can't hit any enemies until you finish the roll as that's the only point when you attack. The great speed of the roll means you can hit many enemies before they can react.
  • Backwards roll: crouch, push down and the direction opposite to the one you're facing, then release jump and immediately push it again. Your character will roll backwards. You won't do any damage and can still be hurt, so this is at best an escape move.
  • Slide: crouch, push down and forwards, then release jump and immediately push it again. Your character will slide along the ground. This does no damage but is good for escaping or counterattacking.