Esper Dream/Items

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Weapon Power Cost
Water Gun 2 You start the game with this.
Pistol 7 1600
Bazooka 16 3500


Weapon Power Cost
Combat Suit 0 You start the game with this.
Clothes 6 1000
Leather 15 2500
Devil suit 45 7000
Barrier suit 180 Found in the final world.

Dungeon Items and Enemy Drops[edit]

Item Name Description
Esper Dream Wallet Blue.png Blue Wallet Blue Wallets are dropped by weak enemies and give a variety of amount of gold when collected.
Esper Dream Wallet Red.png Red Wallet Red Wallets are found in dungeons early on, and usually contain at least 100 gold.
Esper Dream HP Capsule.png HP Capsule Collect one of these and your HP will be completely restored.
Esper Dream EP Capsule.png EP Capsule All of your EP will be completely refilled when you collect one of these.
Esper Dream Miracle Capsule.png Miracle Capsule There are five Miracle Capsules, one in each world, which you must collect by finding and defeating the five bosses.
Esper Dream Twin Box.png Twin Box The Twin Box will double the effect of your Psi Beam power, allowing you to fire two beams at once.
Esper Dream Triple Box.png Triple Box The Triple Box further improves your Psi Beam fire power by giving you the ability to fire three beams at the same time.
Esper Dream ESP Book Blue.png Blue ESP Book The Blue ESP Book will strengthen the power of your ESP, allowing you to do more damage with your ESP attacks.
Esper Dream ESP Book Red.png Red ESP Book The Red ESP Book strengthens the power of your ESP even further than the blue book.

Shop Items[edit]

Name Cost Description
Key 50 Some dungeons contain locked doors which protect shortcuts or treasure. Purchase keys to open them.
Life Bulb 1000 If you run out of EP, you will automatically consume one of your medicines to replenish your EP.
Angle Arm 3000 If you possess one of these rings when you run out of HP, it will automatically restore your HP for you.
ESP Scrolls Various While you purchase some of your ESP powers in advance of learning them, it is better to earn them for free, and save your hard earned money for more useful items.


Dungeon Items and Enemy Drops[edit]

Item Name Description
Esper Dream Ring.png Ring Trade the Ring for a Silver Ring, and then for a Gold Ring, and then finally for 3000 gold.
Esper Dream Letter.png Letter Possession of the letter allows you to hear the words of mystery.
Esper Dream Seed.png Seed Trade the seed for a tree, and then for fruit, and then finally for 2000 gold.
Esper Dream Rod.png Rod Trade the rod for a staff, and then for a wand which is required to complete the game.
Esper Dream Crystal.png Crystal Trade the crystal for a ruby, and then for a garnet which is required to complete the game.
Esper Dream Barrier Suit.png Barrier Suit The ultimate form of protection in the game.
Esper Glasses Allows you to see ghost like enemies.
Alice Necklace Allows you to detect important mystery words.