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Image Name Description
Fairune 2 item ancient codex.png Ancient Codex Polite talking book. Refer when stuck.
Fairune 2 item mana fragment.png Mana Fragment Made from the water of life. Glows softly.
Fairune 2 item sword of hope.png Sword of Hope A silver, sharp blade. Brings hope.
Fairune 2 item monster slayer.png Monster Slayer A legendary sword. Defeats blue thing.
Fairune 2 item fairune sword.png Fairune Sword Covered in decorative carvings of plants.
Fairune 2 item photon sword.png Photon Sword A stylish blade of light. Makes buzzing sounds.
Fairune 2 item green orb.png Green Orb Sparkles like sunlight. Fits somewhere.
Fairune 2 item red orb.png Red Orb Bright like fire. Collect three orbs.
Fairune 2 item blue orb.png Blue Orb Glows mesmerizingly. Know how to use it?
Fairune 2 item axe.png Axe A normal, generic axe. Use to chop wood.
Fairune 2 item log.png Log A hard, hefty log. One is not enough.
Fairune 2 item torch.png Torch A magic torch that stays lighted.
Fairune 2 item solar key.png Solar Key Has a carving of the sun. Made of gold?
Fairune 2 item solar medallion.png Solar medallion Blow those rain clouds away!
Fairune 2 item unregistered id.png Unregistered ID A clean, glossy, rectangular card.
Fairune 2 item id card lv 1.png ID Card Lv.1 Has a photograph of someone on it.
Fairune 2 item id card lv 2.png ID Card Lv.2 Upgraded just a little.
Fairune 2 item id card lv 3.png ID Card Lv.3 You can go anywhere with this!
Fairune 2 item storage device.png Storage Device A small mechanical device. Important.
Fairune 2 item faraway memory 1.png Faraway Memory A smooth, patterned black slab of stone
Fairune 2 item faraway memory 2.png Faraway Memory The stone is filled with old writing now.
Fairune 2 item white key.png White Key A key as white as snow. Won't melt.
Fairune 2 item warrior statue.png Warrior Statue As heavy as a human girl. Place carefully.
Fairune 2 item compass.png Compass Shows the right way to go. Check often!
Fairune 2 item pickaxe.png Pickaxe Used to dig holes and break rocks. Use it on cracks!
Fairune 2 item magma key.png Magma Key A fiery red, glowing key. Warm to touch.
Fairune 2 item prism.png Prism Crystal that collects light. Looks familiar.
Fairune 2 item bottle.png Bottle An empty bottle. Used to keep special liquid.
Fairune 2 item freezing potion.png Freezing Potion Freezes anything instantly. Do not drink!
Fairune 2 item oil.png Oil Used to move machines. Don't drink!
Fairune 2 item blue moon medal.png Blue Moon medal A blue medallion shaped like the moon.
Fairune 2 item red moon medal.png Red Moon medal A red medallion shaped like the moon.
Fairune 2 item heart of dramos.png Heart of Dramos Might be helpful to understand Dramos.
Fairune 2 item artifact key.png Artifact Key A key with strange carvings on it. Glows.
Fairune 2 item dimension stone.png Dimension stone Looks like a normal stone. Unremarkable?
Fairune 2 item giant's wedge 1.png Giant's wedge An ancient metal wedge. Quite heavy.
Fairune 2 item giant's wedge 2.png Giant's wedge An ancient metal wedge. Rusted.
Fairune 2 item giant's wedge 3.png Giant's wedge An ancient metal wedge. Extra bulky.
Fairune 2 item giant's wedge 4.png Giant's wedge An ancient metal wedge. Pretty big.
Fairune 2 item giant's heart.png Giant's heart A clear blue crystal. It has a heartbeat.
Fairune 2 item earth ring.png Earth Ring A blessed ring. Allows walking on the desert.
Fairune 2 item ice ring.png Ice Ring Made of cold material. Stops slipping on ice.
Fairune 2 item water ring.png Water Ring Makes watery sounds. Walk on water with it.
Fairune 2 item green fairy.png Green Fairy Has bright green eyes full of life. Healthy.
Fairune 2 item red fairy.png Red Fairy Has blazing red eyes. Full of strength.
Fairune 2 item blue fairy.png Blue Fairy Has cool blue eyes that miss nothing.
Fairune 2 item rare boost.png Rare Boost Increases the chance of rare monsters.
Earth Stone A smooth lightweight slab of stone.
Ice Stone A cold, glassy slab of stone.
Water Stone A clay-like, moist slab of stone.