Fallout/Brotherhood of Steel

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XP Table
  • 2000 XP - Become an Initiate
  • 1500 XP - Convince the Elders to send help
  • 1500 XP - Scout the northern wastes
  • 1500 XP - Rescue Initiate from the Hub
  • 500 XP - Fix the broken T-51b power armor
  • 500 XP - Receive training from Thomas


  1. Entrance
  2. Building (Levels 1-4)
  3. Armory & Training rooms (Level 1)
  4. Medical area and initiate's rooms (which includes your room) (Level 2)
  5. Library and Armor / Weapon mechanics, Knight's Quarters (Level 3)
  6. Governing council and Elder area (Level 4)


  1. Brotherhood Guards (in Power Armor))
  2. Brotherhood Initiates
  3. Scribes (in light purple robes)
  4. Brotherhood Elders (in blue robes)
  5. Cabbot, initiate and front door guard
  6. Darrell, front door and the only guard wearing an airtight Power Armor helmet
  7. Jennifer, a paladin who is standing guard at the entrance on Level 1 (Level 1)
  8. Rhombus, head paladin (Level 1)
  9. Talus, Rhombus' second-in-command (Level 1)
  10. Michael, quartermaster, fills out orders from stockroom (Level 1)
  11. Thomas, Talus's premier student
  12. Medical Doctor (Level 2)
  13. Jerry, your roommate (Level 2)
  14. Vree, head scribe (Level 3)
  15. Sophia, teaches initiates Brotherhood history (Level 3)
  16. Kyle, Power Armor mechanic (Level 3)
  17. General Maxson, the high elder (Level 4)
  18. Mathia, Maxson's personal guard (Level 4)


  1. Attempt to pick the Brotherhood entrance with your electronic lockpicks.
  2. Get 'Ruins of the Ancient Order' quest from Cabbot. (If you couldn't pick the lock to the entrance with electronic lockpicks)
  3. Get the quest to free the Brotherhood Initiate in the Hub.
  4. Watch the training where Talus is. You'll get a bonus to your melee and unarmed skills plus receive 500 experience.
  5. Speak with Vree about mutants and ask her about the computer course. Also, get the holodisc and read it.
  6. Speak with Kyle and get the systolic motivator from Michael or Rhombus for the Power Armor.
  7. Repair the Power Armor.

When you enter the Brotherhood, you'll notice two guards in really neat armor. This is Power Armor.

Speak with Cabbot, the guard on the left. Ask about joining the Brotherhood, and he'll give you the quest to find the 'Ruins of the Ancient Order', or the Glow. Ask Darrell for directions to the Glow and other general questions about the Brotherhood.

If your character has extremely low intelligence (3 or less) Darrell will give you a free Rad-X pill.

Use the electronic picks on the front door. If it doesn't open, try several times. (It is a good idea to have 65% skill. I got it open after several tries.) When it does, run right through to enter the building. (BTW, enter the building in a heartbeat because the door will be locked on subsequent visits and you can enter directly through the first floor, and plus, the guards in the interior of the Brotherhood bunker will think that you've completed the quest.)

Okay, so your lockpick skill sucks and the electronic picks don't work. You'll just have to go to the Glow. Go to the Hub, and barter for two Rad-X and a rope. Leave the Hub and go to the Glow. Right before you are about to enter it, use the Rad-X.

When you enter the Glow, there is a huge crater in the middle of the screen. On the edge of the crater, there is a metal bar. Use the ropes on the bar, and descend down. Go south, make a right, and then head on north until you get to the room with the dead Brotherhood soldier in Power Armor. Examine his body and get the tapes. Leave the Glow and head for the Brotherhood.

When you get to the Brotherhood, read the tapes for 100 experience. Talk to Cabbot and give him the tapes. The door will be unlocked and you will also receive 1500 experience points.

If you want more information on the Glow, skim down and read the dedicated section for the Glow.

In the building, you have to speak with Talus. Go on the hallway to the right of the screen, and proceed to the room to the south at the end of the hall (the one with the bunch of recruits in combat armor). Talus is the only one in the room with power armor. Speak with him, and ask him about weapons. He'll fill out three scripts of any ammunition you want, plus a suit of Brotherhood Combat Armor. (Not as good as the power armor, but certainly not the worst.) Speak with Talus again, and ask for more weapons. He'll hesitate, but beg him and he'll give you the quest to free the lost Brotherhood initiate. (BTW, you'll need high karma to be given the quest. Also, don't tell him that you'll climb the world's largest mountain - you won't be given the quest.) Also watch the training going on; you'll get a bonus to your unarmed/melee skills and some experience.

There's a storage room with a door that's locked; it's a bit to the north of the training room (where Talus is). Don't try to open the door with or without lockpicks; the guards will come and attack you and you will have to kill all of the Brotherhood members.

Time to get yourself Power Armor. Go to the third level, and go to the room on the bottom right. (It should have a broken suit of power armor and two people in combat armor.) Speak to the person by the dismantled Power Armor (that's Kyle.) Ask him why this suit is broken, and he'll send you back up to get a systolic motivator. Save the game.

Go back to the first level, and speak with Michael (the guy in combat armor above the room with Talus). Ask him about the systolic motivator, and tell him that "ordinance needs it or it will be my ass." Michael will believe you and will give you the motivator. (Only works with characters who have high speech skill and/or high charisma.) If you tell him that you need it for the broken Power Armor, tough luck - he'll hesitate. You can also beg him, and he'll give one to you.

If your speech skill sucks, go in the room with one person in power armor. That is Rhombus, the leader of the Paladins. When you go in, sneak in the locker and get the systolic motivator. Rhombus will catch you, but beg him to let you go. He'll say that he will forget about this moment. (Don't bother him again; he will expel you from the Brotherhood.)

After you have gotten the part, go speak with Kyle again. He'll solder it in, but the suit needs repairing. (75% Repair, high luck, or 50% repair with tools does the trick.) After you repair it, the suit will be on the floor. Pick it up and equip it! (Power Armor weighs 85 pounds, so you may have to drop your armor and weapons, or put them in your Brotherhood room on level 2.)

If your repair skill sucks, read the manual that goes along with the Power Armor. If it still isn't 75%, then you'll have to get the quest to find the missing initiate from Talus, and then ask for the Power Armor. Repeated tries with a low skill and a tool have also worked.

Go to Vree on the third level. Ask her about technical information, and then ask her what is causing the mutations. Ask her why she says what she says and then ask her for proof. Afterward, ask her how to read a holodisc and she will offer you a computer course. She'll give you a holodisc about mutant autopsies and the course will increase your science skill by 15%. Read the holodisc, and do not give it away. Leave the Brotherhood, and go to the Hub. (If you're having difficulty getting the disc, you might be able to steal it from her - she has two copies.)

If you're radiated or need healing, go to the doctor on the second floor to heal yourself.

Character Upgrade Notes[edit]

The doctor on the second floor can increase any of your main skills (except for charisma or luck) by one for lots of money. The operations last up to three weeks, so it's a good idea to get the water chip before completing the operations. Here's a table of how much each operation costs:

Strength $2000 3 weeks
Perception $4000 1 week
Endurance $3000 1 week
Intelligence $6000 3 weeks ($3000 for characters with low intelligence)
Agility $5000 3 weeks