Fallout/Khan Raider Camp (revisited)

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Notable Areas
  1. See above listing for Khan Raider Camp
Notable Characters
  1. Various Desert Raiders
  2. Garl, Raider Leader
  3. Petrox, a tough desert raider
  4. Tolya, another tough desert raider
  5. Diana, a tough she-desert raider
  6. Gwen, Garl's assistant
  7. The two slaves
  1. Kill everyone except for the two slaves housed in the main building.
  2. Swipe Garl's Metal Armor, the Desert Eagles and Leather Armors.
  3. Get the Shotgun and 40 shells from the refrigerator and the desk.
  4. Acquire as many leather armors as you can from the raiders.
  5. Get the lockpicks from the refrigerator.
Stuff to get
  1. 4-6 Desert Eagle .44's
  2. 5-10 10mm pistols
  3. 10-15 Leather Armors
  4. 1 Metal Armor
  5. 2 Molotov Cocktails
  6. Lots of ammunition
  7. Stimpacks and drugs

When you enter the raider camp, have your gun (by now you should have a SMG or a shotgun), and make sure that Ian has a gun (probably the 10mm pistol). Kill all the raiders, and don't hesitate giving Ian some stimpacks so he can heal himself.

Don't be afraid to burst at the raiders. Just make sure Ian isn't in the way. Make sure you kill Garl, the main Raider, preferably using the burst mode on the SMG. Steal Garl's metal armor, and you'll have fairly good defense early on into the game (normally, you would be buying this at Beth's or Jake's weapon store in the Hub). If you have the shotgun from Vault 13, that one works well also. That way, you can give the SMG to Ian.

After you kill everyone in the large room in the main Raider building, you'll free two slaves. 200 xp for you. Also, be sure to raid the fridge in the building; it has lockpicks, which you should take if you don't have any.

Take all the guns, the ammo, and the stimpacks. You'll need them, and you can sell the guns you found here in the Hub for combat armor and some heavy weapons. The extra armors that you can get are good for trading stuff at the Hub and possibly the Boneyards if you choose to go there. Head south to Junktown to continue your journey.

It is a good idea to give the Ian the .44 Desert Eagle and all the ammo right now. He'll make a good shot with it.