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The Mognet is a feature of the 3D remakes of Final Fantasy 3. You can unlock three side quests that will reward you with the ultimate job, the ultimate weapon, and the ultimate dungeon.

The Mognet is a mail service managed by Moogles. These cute white creatures can be met in almost every town in the 3D remakes. In the original version, Moogles only lived in Doga's Manor.

In-game characters use the Mognet to send a series of 4-5 letters to the Heroes. In the last letter the writers ask the Heroes to accomplish a task.

Mognet Version Differences[edit | edit source]

In the DS version of the game, the player exchanges letters with other players using the wireless connection of the Nintendo DS. No more than one letter per hour can be received from the characters.

In the iOS version of the game there is no wireless capability, therefore the requirements are different. As in the DS version, only one letter per hour can be exchanged with characters. The Mognet becomes available only after saving the Fire Crystal. Additionally, specific heroes must be the party leader in order to receive some letters.

In the PC and PSP versions of the game, letters are automatically unlocked after certain milestones, and with certain characters as the leader of the party.

Mognet Quests[edit | edit source]

There are three quest chains to complete.

The Onion Knight job[edit | edit source]

  • 4 letters from Topapa (in Ur) to Luneth or Arc

Once you have completed 25% of the bestiary, you are eligible to unlock the Onion Knight job through the Mognet. Place Luneth at the front of your party, and talk to the Moogles in town to receieve all four letters from Topapa. If you don't have four letters from Topapa, try defeating more monsters to fill in the Bestiary. After you get Topapa's fourth letter, go speak with him in person, back in Ur. He will ask you to rescue the children of the village, who went missing in the Altar Cave. Head to Altar Cave and fend off the Bombs attacking the children. You will receieve the job crystal for Onion Knight from the children afterwards.

The Onion Knight is a blend of the Sage and the Ninja from the NES version. Onion Knight can use all magic, wield all weapons, and equip any armor in the game. In order to differentiate between these three jobs, the 3D versions of the game limit the Sage's MP, and reduce the amount of weapon types the Ninja can use.

The Ultima Weapon[edit | edit source]

  • 5 letters from Takka (Kazus) to Refia
  • 4 letters from Princess Sara to Ingus
  • 4 letters from Cid

In the iOS, PC and PSP versions, Refia and Ingus must be the team leaders in order to receive letters from Takka the smith and Princess Sara, respectively.

In her last letter, Princess Sara writes that she need someone to fix her pendant. Visit Sara in Sasune East Tower, and pick up her broken pendant. Take the pendant to Takka the smith in Kazus, who says he can't fix it. In his fourth letter, Takka writes about a Legendary Smith who can fix things to look brand new. Take the broken pendant to the Legendary Smith in Northwestern Saronia - a woman with gray hair. She fixes the pendant in no time, asking for no Gil as payment but instead commissions you to search for Orichalcum.

If you've seen about 60% of the Bestiary, you'll get a fifth letter from Takka talking about Orichalcum. You will then receive the last letter from Cid, asking you to come and slay a monster in his basement. Afterwards, he rewards them with a piece of Oricalcum. Take the Orichalcum to the Legendary Smith in Falgabard after opening the door to Eureka, and she will forge the Ultima Weapon. ...don't forget to take that Pendant back to Sara in all this!

The Ultima Weapon is one of the strongest swords in the game. It deals damage proportional to the current health points of the wielder, and ignores the enemy's defense. It can be equipped by sword-users only.

After the Ultima Weapon quest, the Legendary Smith can be found in various locations around the world. Whenever a hero reaches job level 99 in any one job, the Legendary Smith will reward the character with a weapon or armor part specific for that job. Here is a list of the locations where you'll find the Legendary Smith:

  • Ur - in the well
  • Sasune Castle - third floor of the east tower
  • Healing Copse - West of Gysahl
  • Gysahl - Secret passage into the chocobo pen
  • Village of the Ancients - Inn
  • Dwarven Hollows - Lake area
  • Replito - Northern house with the hidden rear entrance
  • Saronia Castle - Basement
  • Doga's Village - Central island with the tree
  • Ancient Ruins - Inn

Do not talk to her if your level 99 job is not currently in the party! If you do, she leaves and you have to track her down again.

The ??? Dungeon[edit | edit source]

  • 4 letters from the Four Old Men (Amur) to all
  • 4 letters from King Alus (Saronia) to Arc

In order to receive all the letters from the Amur Old Men and King Alus, the Heroes must complete the first two Mognet side quests first. In the iOS, PC, and PSP versions, Arc must be the party leader in order to receive the letters from Alus.

The Four Old Men will start sending mail only after the original side quests have been completed:

  • open the 4 monster-guarded chests in the Sunken Cave
  • defeat Odin in the Saronia Catacombs
  • defeat Leviathan in Lake Dohr
  • defeat Bahamut in Bahamut's Lair
  • defeat all the bosses in Eureka
  • get one job to level 99 and get the Legendary Smith's creation for that job

After all letters from the Old Men and King Alus have been received, you can access the ??? Dungeon. It is located just east of the Floating Continent.

The only enemies in the ??? Dungeon are Dragons. Slay them to collect the Onion equipment, a set of five items (sword, shield, helm, armor and gloves) that can be equipped by the Onion Knight only. There is also an extra boss, the Iron Giant, which is the hardest boss in the game.