Final Fantasy IV/Cave of Monsters

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Fly to the Passage of the Eidolons[edit]

This procedure will allow you to gain two powerful summon spells for Rydia. Fly to the southwestern section of the underground to find a small island with only a cave. That cave is the Passage of the Eidolons.

Inside the Cave[edit]

Passage of the Eidolons
Number Name HP Weakness Resist Absorb Gil Exp Notes
#001 Goblin 6 - - - 5 28 Drops Goblin summon
#082 Hellflapper 900 Thrown - - 445 703 -
#116 Belphegor 2200 Holy, Thrown - - 484 4088 -
#117 Blood Eye 2400 Thrown - - 465 3444 -
#118 Fell Knight 2900 - - - 575 4288 -
#119 Mini Satana 3480 - - - 650 6388 -
#120 Summoner 3600 - - - 475 3688 Drops Summon Book
#121 Arachne 3650 Ice, Thrown - - 585 4388 Uses Earthquake, avoid with Float
#122 Thunder Dragon 7600 Thrown - Lightning 900 7777 Drops Golden Apple
#125 Nagaraja 1480 - - - 238 3582 -
Passage of the Eidolons Checklist:
  • Poison Axe
  • Kiku-ichimonji
  • Defender
  • Phoenix Down x2
  • Ether
  • Hi-Potion x3
  • Cottage
  • Bestiary

The first thing to do when you enter the cave is to have Rosa cast the Spell "Float" on your whole party (you can do this all at once). This will protect you from the spots on the ground that damage your party and also from monsters that attack using the Earthquake spell. When you enter the cave go south, then immediately west until you reach another cave.


You will have to recast the Float spell again, because as you change floors, it is removed. In the next room, go right, then up and to the right down to the next floor. In the next room, follow the path until you get the opportunity to go north. When you reach that point, there will be a small grey staircase to take you into the Feymarch.

The Feymarch[edit]

The Feymarch Checklist:
  • Yoichi Arrows x10
  • Yoichi Bow
  • Ether
  • Bestiary x2
  • Elixir
  • Dry Ether
  • Phoenix Down
  • 11000 Gil

Go north, then east and take the first staircase you come to. On the next floor head around the outside circle of the room counterclockwise until you reach a building which has a chocobo stationed in front of it. Go into this building, then down the staircase on the left. Finally, go down the grey staircase in this room. In this room speak with the woman in the middle. She is Queen Asura of the Eidolons and she will fight you.

Armor shop
Armor Cost
Aegis Shield 20000
Luminous Robe 30000
Weapon shop
Weapon Cost
Whip 3000
Chain Whip 6000
Blitz Whip 10000
Kotetsu 11000
Faerie Rod 5000
Aura Staff 7000
Angel Arrows 110
Item shop (Left)
Item Cost
Phoenix Down 100
Potion 30
Hi-Potion 150
Tent 100
Cottage 500
Gnomish Bread 100
Gysahl Greens 50
Remedy 5000
Item shop (Right)
Item Cost
Gold Needle 400
Maiden's Kiss 60
Mallet 80
Diet Ration 100
Echo Herbs 50
Eye Drops 30
Antidote 40
Cross 100

Boss: Asura[edit]

Number Name HP Weakness Resist Absorb Gil Exp
#249 Asura 31005 - - - 0 20000

Defeating Asura is not too difficult once you realize that you must have Rosa cast the Wall spell on Asura in order to make her cures ineffective. Once you have done this, you can simply attack as normal, remembering that you cannot cast spells directly on Asura or it will reflect back to you (Call spells excluded).

If you do not have the Wall spell, you will need to damage her faster than she can heal. Cast Slow on Asura to reduce the frequency of her Cure spells. The Mage Masher (found in the Sylvan Cave) does quadruple damage against Asura. Arm Edge with that and then Berserk him. Asura counters physical attacks with attacks of her own, so be prepared to heal as often as Edge attacks.

Boss: Leviathan[edit]

Number Name HP Weakness Resist Absorb Gil Exp
#247 Leviathan 50001 Lightning - - 0 28000

After defeating Asura, speak to the man next to her who you will learn is Leviathan, the King of the Eidolons. Battling him is a little tougher. His Deluge attack is pretty powerful. Your best bet is to have Rosa use Curaja on the whole party after each wave attack. After defeating Leviathan he will give Rydia a spell allowing her to use his attack.

Exiting the Passage[edit]

Exit the building, then go back down the grey staircase. Head clockwise around the room until you are as far south as possible in the corner there is an invisible button that will take you to a room with four chests. Immediately behind where you are let into this room is a button that will allow you to exit the cave quickly.