Final Fantasy VII/Controls

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PlayStation Nintendo Switch Windows Action
Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Neutral lstick  ↑   ↓  Move the lead character and the pointer in the menus. On the Switch, use B button and Neutral dpad to run or Neutral lstick for the same thing.
Circle button A button Enter Confirm choice in menus. Attempt to use/activate the item in front of the character (open chests, climb ladders, etc), or talk to an NPC.
Triangle button X button + Opens the menu.
Cross button B button 0 or Ins Back one level in menus, or close the menu in question. Outside of the menus, hold down to make the character run (not available in Overworld).
Square button X button . or Delete Toggle between Equip and Materia screens. In combat, makes the command menu disappear temporarily so you can check your barrier gauges.
Start button Plus button 5 In world map, changes map display. Pauses during battle.
Select button Minus button - Outside of combat, shows a hand pointer above lead character's head, and shows exit markers. In combat, toggles target name window.
L1 button
R1 button
L button
R button
9 or PgUp
3 or PgDn
Move the pointer up or down one page in the menus, or rotate view in world map. Hold down both to escape from battles.
L2 button ZL button 7 or Home Changes camera angle on the Overworld map.
R2 button ZR button 1 or End Changes camera angle on the Overworld map. In combat, shows targeting aid.

Additionally, if you press the left stick, it will speed up three times as fast. Even in battle. Press the right stick the enhance the battle and pressing both disables random encounters. You can reverse them by repressing the corresponding control sticks that turns it on before.