Front Mission: Gun Hazard/Primary weapons

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VG Series (Vulcan Gun)[edit]

VG-01 - $1000
VG-02 - $5500
VG-03 - $14000
VG-04 - $28000
VG-05 - $56000
A rapid-fire machine gun that fires 25mm shells. The gun you begin with.
Eh, an average gun in my opinion. It has a large magazine, which is good, but it is somewhat weak. It makes up for this by firing faster, but there are often times where you run out of ammo in the thick of battle. Though the Vulcan Gun constantly reloads, it is usually too slow. If you use a Vulcan, be sure to have a HNP class weapon equipped for backup, when enemies are close and you need to give the gun time to reload.

SG Series (Shotgun)[edit]

SG-01 - $3000
SG-02 - $6800
SG-03 - $17000
SG-04 - $34000
SG-05 - $68000
Fires a 35mm shell which splits into multiple shots.
My personal favorite. At close range, this thing is absolutely devastating. Even at long range, its only slightly less effective than comparable guns, because at least half of the shots will usually hit. This gun does not constantly reload, unlike the Vulcan, but the reload times are very fast, and you get a full magazine. It's very rare you run out of ammo in the thick of battle, since you can fire off your remaining few shots to initiate a reload when your low. This should probably be your weapon of choice.

LG Series (Laser Gun)[edit]

LG-01 - $4000
LG-02 - $8000
LG-03 - $20000
LG-04 - $50000
LG-05 - $100000
Fires a large, constant laser beam at your enemies.
My least favorite weapon. Though powerful even at a distance, this gun sucks through ammo fast. Very fast. It does not constantly reload, but it sucks through ammo so fast, you'll find almost all your time is spent waiting for the gun to reload. I don't really recommend this gun at all.

NG Series (Napalm Gun)[edit]

Fires off an explosive round in an arc.

NG-1 -
NG-2 - Nmakuba Forest in Zambola
NG-3 - Cuzco Village in Machu Picchu
NG-4 -
NG-5 -

Wow wow wow! The best gun in the game, hands down. But then again, you can't buy these anywhere. You have to find them, and so far, I've only found the NG-01 and NG-04. No upgrades are sold for them either. The arc the rounds fire at are pretty small, and it won't take long to get adjusted to. This gun constantly reloads, which is good because of its slow fire rate and small magazine capacity. It makes up for all of that though by doing extreme damage. Use this weapon unless you can buy another one of a higher grade.