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Use whatever services you need to. There are game tents here which you can finally exchange your Game Tickets for. You should net yourself a few pairs of boots as well as some shirts, since you'll be needing the extra defence and whatever other bonuses you get. The weeds at the bottom right don't have anything under them, but if you use Scoop on the bare square in the middle of them, you'll uncover Salt, the Venus Djinni! Make sure you set it to Felix. There is a Power Bread in the barrel between the two top right houses.

Once you've rested and gambled, head to the Anemos Sanctum through the right exit. Go all the way up to the sanctum itself, and use Reveal to find the middle door is actually open. Go inside, and at the end you can get a Dragon Skin, a new kind of forgeable material, from the chest. Now leave the Sanctum, and leave Contigo. Head north, until you get to Jupiter Lighthouse.