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{{{360}}} 43
Gamerscore Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
{{{g}}} 26 13 3 This game has a platinum trophy.

There are 42 achievements on Steam and 43 trophies on PlayStation 3 and 4.


Picture Name DescriptionTrophy
GGXrdR The Absolute World.png The Absolute World Obtained all Trophies. 4: Platinum trophy Platinum
GGXrdR How Many Burgers Can I Buy.png How Many Burgers Can I Buy? Spent 500,000 World Dollars. 3: Gold trophy Gold
GGXrdR Novice Angler.png Novice Angler Fished for the first time. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
GGXrdR They Call Me... The Revelator.png They Call Me... The Revelator [Episode] Completed the mode with any character on any difficulty. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
GGXrdR Wanna Be Crazy.png Wanna Be Crazy [Episode] Completed the mode with 20 characters on any difficulty. 2: Silver trophy Silver
GGXrdR Besties.png Besties [Versus] Played against a friend offline. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
GGXrdR Emotional Destination.png Emotional Destination [Story] Watched everything. 2: Silver trophy Silver
GGXrdR License to Train.png License to Train [Tutorial] Completed your training. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
GGXrdR Meister.png Meister [Combo] Solved 100 problems. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
GGXrdR The Path to Passion.png The Path to Passion [Combo] Solved 200 problems. 2: Silver trophy Silver
GGXrdR Combo Master.png Combo Master [Combo] Solved 400 problems. 3: Gold trophy Gold
GGXrdR Practice Makes Perfect.png Practice Makes Perfect [Mission] Completed 30 missions. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
GGXrdR To the Real World.png To the Real World! [Mission] Completed 70 missions. 2: Silver trophy Silver
GGXrdR Lobbying.png Lobbying (PS3/4 only) [Online] Fought a total of 100 matches from the Lobby. 2: Silver trophy Silver
GGXrdR Freshman.png Freshman [Ranked Match] Celebrated your first victory. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
GGXrdR Red Belt.png Red Belt [Ranked Match] Increased to Rank 20. 2: Silver trophy Silver
GGXrdR Fearless.png Fearless [Ranked Match] Fought a total of 200 matches. 2: Silver trophy Silver
GGXrdR Everyone's Welcome.png Everyone's Welcome [Player Match] Fought over 20 different characters. 2: Silver trophy Silver
GGXrdR You Come Grand Opening.png You Come Grand Opening! [Player Match] Hosted your own room. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
GGXrdR Pankration.png Pankration [Player Match] Fought three times in a room set to M.O.M. Mode. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
GGXrdR Wilson, Noo.png Wilson, Noo-! [Player Match] Kicked a ball for the first time in a room. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze


Picture Name DescriptionTrophy
GGXrdR King of Anglers.png King of Anglers Fished 100 items. 2: Silver trophy Silver
GGXrdR And Today's Look Is.png And Today's Look Is...? [AVATAR] Edited your avatar. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
GGXrdR Puberty.png Puberty [M.O.M.] Class increased. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
GGXrdR Scorer.png Scorer [M.O.M.] Passed Lv 50. 2: Silver trophy Silver
GGXrdR Spray and Pray.png Spray and Pray [M.O.M.] Maximum combo damage exceeded 1,000. 3: Gold trophy Gold
GGXrdR Wicked Sick Time, Bro.png Wicked Sick Time, Bro! [Tutorial] Completed the second round of tutorials within the time limit. 2: Silver trophy Silver
GGXrdR Knowledge... Is Half the Battle.png Knowledge... Is Half the Battle [Training] Trained against 20 or more characters. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
GGXrdR Image Training.png Image Training [Replay] Viewed at least 5 replays. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
GGXrdR First Time Shopping.png First Time Shopping Purchased content with World Dollars for the first time. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
GGXrdR Commentator.png Commentator [Player Match] Used the comment feature. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
GGXrdR Emotions Are... Important.png Emotions Are... Important Used your first "emotion." 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
GGXrdR An Ounce of Practice.png An Ounce of Practice... [Player Match] Played Online Training. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
GGXrdR Roleplaying.png Roleplaying [Player Match] Used the character's persona voices 10 times. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
GGXrdR Key to the Future Is in the Past.png Key to the Future Is in the Past [Player Match] Spectated a total of 20 matches. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
GGXrdR New Type.png New Type Played using Stylish Type. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
GGXrdR Medal of the Holy Order.png Medal of the Holy Order Collected a total of 150 badges. 2: Silver trophy Silver
GGXrdR Crossroads.png Crossroads Witnessed the Dramatic Finale. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
GGXrdR Was That a Conversation.png Was That a Conversation? Tuned into Ramlethal and Lucifero's conversation during matches. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
GGXrdR Throwing $$ at the Problem.png Throwing $$ at the Problem... Threw away valuable items taken in a Treasure Hunt. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
GGXrdR You've Been... Served.png You've Been... Served Blew up a Servant using Organ Controls. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
GGXrdR Covered in Dust.png Covered in Dust Earned the badge, "Brand of War." 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
GGXrdR Battle Overload.png Battle Overload Cumulative Total damage is over 100,000! 1: Bronze trophy Bronze