Half-Life Platinum

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Box artwork for Half-Life Platinum / Half-Life Platinum Collection.
Half-Life Platinum / Half-Life Platinum Collection
Developer(s)Valve Software
Publisher(s)Sierra Entertainment
Year released2000
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
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Half-Life Platinum was originally released as a four-game compilation in 2000. In 2002 it was reissued under the title Half-Life Platinum Collection, and later that same year under the same name, but with Half-Life: Blue Shift also included.

Half-Life: Generation was released in 2002 as a compilation of three Half-Life games. The first edition consisted of three games and usually came in a red cover. The second edition was reissued in the same year with a blue cover and one additional game: Half-Life: Blue Shift. This second edition is sometimes referred to as the "Blue Shift edition".


Half-Life Platinum, Half-Life Platinum Collection (1st release)

Half-Life Platinum Collection (2nd release)

Red cover

Blue cover