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Below is a list of the Multi-player Game Types that come packaged with Halo 3.

Download more Game Types at the Files Forums

  • You have to have an account on and link your Xbox Live Passport to it.
  • Once you find a file, click "Download to Halo 3" to get in the queue.
  • As soon as you turn your Xbox 360 on and load up Halo 3, your selected files will begin to download.
    • Sometimes you may need to restart Halo 3 if it is running when you queue a file.


Play with friends!
Halo3-Slayer.png Kill your enemies.
Kill your friends' enemies.
Kill your friends.

Slayer is Halo 3's deathmatch mode. The goal of Slayer is to kill as many opponents as possible until you reach the kill limit or the time expires. Slayer can be played Free For All, or in Teams.

Slayer Free For All, 25 kills to win.
Team Slayer Form teams for greater glory. 50 kills to win.
Rockets Free for all, with nothing but rocket launchers. 25 kills to win.
Eliminatio Highly tactical Team Slayer. 5 rounds, each to 5 kills. Be careful out there.
Duel No camping! Free for all, but the leader cannot hide. 10 kills to win.


Halo3-Oddball.png Hold the skull to earn points.
It's like Hamlet, with guns.

In Oddball, the goal of the game is to find and hold the ball for the longest amount of time. Oddball can be played free for all, or in teams.

Oddball Free for all. Hold the skull to earn points. 50 points to win.
Team Oddball Form teams, protect your carrier. 100 points to win.
Lowball Teamwork counts! Every member of your team must earn 25 points to win.
Ninjaball The ball carrier is fast and agile, but vulnerable. 100 points to win.
Rocketball You have no allies but your Rocket Launcher. 50 points to win.

King Of The Hill[edit]

Halo3-Kingofthehill.png Control the hill to earn points.
Earn points to win.
It's good to be the King.

In King of the Hill, your goal is to be the only person or team inside of the hill. In another opponent steps in the hill, it becomes contested, and you must remove them from the hill or kill them to make it under your control again. King of the Hill can be played free for all, or in teams.

Crazy King Free for all. Gain points by controlling the hill. 100 points to win.
Team King Hold the Hill as a team. The hill must be uncontested. 150 points to win.
Mosh Pit There is a single, unmoving hill. Everyone inside is tougher. 100 points to win.

Capture The Flag[edit]

Halo3-Capturetheflag.png Invade your opponent's stronghold.
Seize their flag.
Return it to your base to score.

Capture the Flag (Or CtF) is your typical Capture the Flag gametype in Halo 3. Your goal is to capture the enemies flag. This can only be played in teams.

Multi Flag Every team has a flag, and may capture when it is away. 3 captures to win.
One Flag Only one team has a flag. 4 rounds, and teams take turns defending the flag.
Tank Flag A variation of Multi Flag where the carrier is very tough, but very slow.
Attrition CTF Highly tactical CTF. Very long respawns, but teams respawn on captures.


Halo3-Assault.png Carry your bomb to the enemy base.
Plant it.
Defend it until it detonates.

In Assault, your goal is to take the bomb from your base, bring it to the enemies', arm it, and let it detonate. This can only be played in teams.

Assault Every team has a bomb, and a base to defend. 3 detonations to win.
Neutral Bomb All teams have a base to defend, but share a single bomb. 3 detonations to win.
One Bomb Only one team has a base to defend. 4 rounds, teams take turns defending.
Attrition Bomb Highly tactical Assault. Neutral bomb, long respawns, but teams respawn on detonations.


Halo3-Territories.png Defend your territory and control the land.
Teams earn points for territories they control.

In Territories, your goal is to locate many different areas on the map, capture them, and then hold them for the longest time. This can be played in free for all, or in teams.

Territories One team must defend their territories. Other teams must take them. 4 rounds.
Land Grab Every territory is up for grabs. Once a territory is taken, it is locked. 3 rounds.
Flag Rally Territories do not lock after capture. Hold what you can until the round ends.


Halo3-Juggernaut.png If you meet the Juggernaut...
...kill the Juggernaut.

In Juggernaut, one player becomes the Juggernaut, the stronger player. All other players must team up to take down the Juggernaut, and the player who kills the Juggernaut, becomes the new one. The goal of the game is to get as many kills as the Juggernaut as you can.

Juggernaut Kill the Juggernaut to become the Juggernaut and earn points. 10 points to win.
Mad Dash Juggernaut scores by reaching the destination zones. 5 points to win.
Ninjanaut The Juggernaut is fast stealthy, and deadly. 10 points to win.


Halo3-Infection.png Timeless struggle of human versus zombie.
If you die by a zombie's hand
You join their ranks.

In Infection, one player be comes the Alpha Zombie, and the others are normal. The goal of the Alpha Zombie is to kill the other players, and turn them into Zombies. All the players must hold out against the zombies as they pick them off one by one. This game is based off the fan game Zombies from Halo 2.

Infection Some players start off as zombies and seek to devour humans. 3 rounds, most points wins.
Save One Bullet The humans starts off well armed, but ammunition is limited.
Alpha Zombie Players who start the round as zombies are more powerful than those they infect.
Hide And Seek Your only defense is stealth. Don't let the zombies find you!


Halo3-VIP.png One Player on each team is Very Important.
Take down the enemy VIP for points
But take care of your own.

In VIP, one player from each team becomes the VIP. The goal is to protect your VIP, while killing the other team's VIP.

VIP Every team has a VIP. When your VIP dies, the next player to die becomes the new one. 10 points to win.
One Sided VIP Only one team has a VIP. 4 rounds, and teams take turns defending their VIP.
Escort Only one team has a VIP, who scores points by reaching a destination. If he dies, the round ends.
Influential VIP Staying near your VIP makes you stronger, so move as a group. 10 points to win.