Halo 3/Tips

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  • Power-weapons: Don't rush the best weapon ever, there is a likely chance the other team has sent more than one guy there. For the best results, throw grenades when you see them at their feet to lower shields and shoot them with the battle rifle in the head for an instant kill. You always want this.
  • Grenades and how they work: Ever get an enemy around the corner with the shotgun or some other power-weapon? Rebounding grenades are the best way to deal with these guys. The physics engine in Halo 3 will be so accurate, if you throw it in the right place, it'll bounce right at their feet. Rush in to get them but be careful, you still want to keep your distance.
  • Sniper rifles: Do not ever ever just try for the head, its better in a sniper match to hit their body and throw them off then you shoot them again to kill them. Only aim for the head if you know they aren't paying attention to you and you have a high chance of hitting the head.
  • Infection: Hiding in an infection game is just a sure way to destruction, yet fun. But to get your adrenaline pumping and for the best tactics, always have two, not one, but two partners walking around with you looking out for zombies. More ammo, more kills, more fun.
  • Taking down vehicles: No missile pod? Or spartan laser? No problem! If at least three teammates are shooting any vehicle (except tank), then there is a sure chance you will defeat them. For the warthogs, always aim for the gunner. Whoever is the most vulnerable and the most dangerous, always aim for them.
  • Betrayals: If a teammate is betraying you, don't waste your time. Don't kill him, cause then he may be able to boot you.
  • Ranked: Never march into a team ranked game without teammates you know, or mics. Seriously, in ranked, teamwork is the most crucial step for victory.
  • Anger: Just have fun with the game. It is not worth losing any friends over or getting mad. It's just a game.
  • Assassination: If you want to "assassinate" your opponent, you need to sneak up from behind them and then melee your opponent. If you do this correctly, you will kill the opposing player with one hit and receive a special medal. Assassination is different than a beat down because an assassination is a melee to the back of the player. A beat down is a melee that kills the opposing player from any spot that is not the back.
  • Overshield: The overshield is a very useful tool giving the player that obtains it more health. Much of the time, the users will just get the overshield and then run out into combat. This is not a bad strategy, but an even better strategy is getting the overshield when you are being attacked. If your health is low and you receive the overshield, you regain all of your health back as well as the extra health, putting your opponent in a bad situation. Beware, you can still be assassinated with the overshield.
  • Invisibility: The invisibility covering makes you invisible to your opponents screens. Invisibility does not hide your from your opponents radar though. If you crouch-walk in the game you become invisible on your opponents radar. In order to achieve ultimate stealth, crouch while you are invisible and sneak up on your opponents. They will never see it coming! It is also a good idea to sneak up on your opponent with a shotgun so you can kill them with one shot.