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Although Hitman: Contracts has different disguises for each mission, it is worth noting their value for the mission.

Asylum Aftermath[edit]

  • Suit - You can get around the lab with this. Orderly staff members will run away from you. The swat team will shoot you.
  • Patient - You can go anywhere except outside. Orderly staff member will try to attack you. Swat will be friendly to you. If you go to the front of the Asylum, you will be told to enter a room and stay there.
  • Orderly - Useless. Patients don't say anything, but the swat team will shoot you.
  • Swat - The best disguise. You can go anywhere.

The Meat King's Party[edit]

  • Suit - You can't do anything with this.
  • Butcher - Can enter the party without weapons. Can go to the kitchen and upstairs to Sturrock.
  • Guest - Same as butcher but without access to the kitchen.
  • Waiter - Can serve smoke pipes to guests and one of your targets. This allows for an easy kill. Otherwise, same as guest.
  • Guard - Can go anywhere.

The Bjarkov Bomb[edit]

  • Suit - Useless. Will be shot on sight.
  • Civilian - Only allowed access to the common areas, and can't go near the submarine or the ship.
  • Soldier - Can go everywhere except the submarine and on the ship.
  • Officer - Allowed to go everywhere, including the ship and submarine, but can't enter Bjarkhov's office. Differs visually from the "soldier" disguise for the beret instead of the fur hat.
  • Fabian Fuchs' outfit - This disguise allows access everywhere, including to the ship and the submarine, as well being able to meet Sergei Bjarkhov alone after being frisked.
  • Radioactive suit - Only allowed in the area near the submarine, on the submarine and the warehouse.