Hitman: Contracts/Enemies

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Hitman: Contracts has various enemies. Some are really easy to kill, others are difficult to kill. It should be noted that all enemies die instantly by a headshot.


Weapons Health Notes
Spas-12 High Work as a team, devastating damage
AUG SMG, M4 Carbine High Come in numerous numbers, low-medium damage
R93 Sniper, PGM Sniper High Huge Damage

Swat teams usually work together to take down Agent 47. Getting shot by multiple Swat officers will lower your health greatly. Even sometimes killing you if you get attacked by large groups. They communicate by radio and will alert other swat officers to your location if detected. If you remain undetected while in a swat disguise, the commander will suspect agent 47 is in a disguise.

They're very good at finding imposters. So disguising as a swat officer while walking in plain sight will get your cover blown. This doesen't apply to the easiest difficulty.

Swat officers can take a lot of damage before they die. The ones that carry shotguns are dangerous should they get close. But snipers are by far the most dangerous; their range assures safety from enemy gunfire yet allows the snipers to return fire with extreme accuracy and damage. Plus, their armor increases resilience, which makes a direct, open confrontation suicidal.