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Silent Assassin on All Difficulties[edit]

Part 1: Getting to a sniping spot[edit]

This mission is the easiest and quickest of perhaps all Hitman games. From your starting position go straight in the direction where the helicopter takes off, and head to the left, towards a three-way intersection. At that three-way intersection, go right and look for a staircase leading to spot overlooking the garden.

Part 2: Equip sniper and shoot[edit]

From here, unpack your suitcase away from the street, and move to the view overlooking the middle of the garden. Zoom in to find the red dragon negotiator talking to a blue lotus member. Shoot at the red dragon member, but not the blue lotus member.

Part 3: Escape[edit]

Now either drop your sniper and run for one of the exits or put your sniper back into the suitcase and then run for any of the exits.


  • The helicopter will fire shots at you if you're identified as a threat.
    • Shots are accurate and deal lots of damage at higher difficulties.
  • There are three snipers, scattered throughout, who carry the sniper called Dragunov SVD.
    • One is located in the apartment building on the 4th floor.
    • The other two are on rooftops on the northeast and southern sides of the map.
    • You can take their snipers.