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An oddly named map where the biggest challenge is usually getting in and out.

  1. The soldiers will get suspicious if you run, or if you're carrying an odd weapon.
  2. Alcoves are your friends.
  3. To arm the minibomb, all you have to do is drop it in the right place.
  4. Cameras must be destroyed.
  5. Officers do not carry AK's. Only soldiers do.
  6. Many people say the bomb explodes when they go to drop it. The best way to prevent this is to not arm it first, regardless of what the game says. Simply drop the bomb.
  • AK rifle: found on any soldier, or lying around in several places.
  • Deagle: found in the drawer in the office on the base ground floor.
  • Combat knife: found on the general. Consider it a trophy.

Challenge #1: getting your kit[edit | edit source]

You start out in the sewers. Head up the ladder to the army depot. There'll be a soldier nearby, but he won't see you exit the sewer. If you want a disguise, this is the easiest place to get it. Take this guy out and drag him back and to the garage to the side of the sewer exit you just came out of. Borrow his clothes, and grab that convenient AK while you're in here. If you're aiming for stealth, you can just sneak by him.

Check the map to see where the guy to the south is. If he's over to the west, then you're good. Head south, and turn to the right as you approach the raised area. If the first guard is still alive, you may need to sneak for part of this move, based on the timing. See the box up on the raised area? Stop behind that, and crouch (not sneak, crouch) so the guy up there won't see you. Hug the raised area as you crawl westward. When you're a good distance away from the guy on the raised area, you can head over to the equipment drop. Make sure to get all of it.

From here, you either want to sneak into the truck, or the sewers. If the first guard is still present, the sewers are really your only option.

Challenge #2: reaching headquarters[edit | edit source]

Method A: via truck[edit | edit source]

Assuming the first guard is dead or in the sewer, crouch-walk out next to the little booth, and when the guard there walks away, sneak forward and turn right into a little gap in the boxes. You are safe here. Watch the map, and when the guy on the raised area isn't watching, and the guy by the gate is near the manhole, enter the back of the truck.

The truck makes this part easy because the first two guys futz with the gate long enough for you to pop out of the truck and hide in the nearby group of boxes. Wait for the soldier at the back to turn away, and follow him. Duck behind the boxes and slip inside when he comes back out.

Method B: sewers[edit | edit source]

This is the easiest way to go if you're disguiseless. Watch the guard near the gates, and wait for him to walk into the little booth. As he's moving, crawl against the side of the booth, and move around as the opportunity presents to the side of the booth nearest the gates. Once he's facing the truck, sneak into the second sewer entrance.

Run through the sewers, and emerge. Climb up the little scaffolding, and drop into the convenient hiding area. The idea here is to sneak past the guys near the entrance to the next set of boxes, although if you have the disguise, you can generally just stroll by with no worries. The next guy, however, is in such a narrow passage that he's a problem, disguise or no disguise.

When I did this, I had to wait a little behind the 2nd set of boxes for the rear soldier to turn and walk back toward the door. Sneak down the narrow alley after him. As soon as he ducks inside, and the door closes, RUN and hide behind the green box.

When your friend comes out again, wait til he gets down the ramp, before moving.

Method C: more sewers[edit | edit source]

Here's a wrinkle I uncovered recently. You can reach the latter part of the mission via the part of the sewer in which you START! If you didn't have to bring the bomb, you could skip that entire first area. Sneaking back here is pretty easy, but only if the first guard is dead. Just follow my instructions for reaching the equipment in reverse, or follow my directions from reaching the truck FROM the equipment, and then go on past it. A uniform and AK are required for this to work.

Once back in the start, run to the only other exit you can reach. Two guards stand very near this exit, but if you wait, they'll walk away. Follow the one that walks away to the north, and then break right down the narrow path. Wait for the soldier at the end to turn away, and follow him. Duck behind the boxes and slip inside when he comes back out.

Challenge #3: destroying things[edit | edit source]

Look at the inside map to check the position of the man inside. Ideally, he should be just heading up the stairs near the door. Head in, and walk behind him, giving him about 15 feet of space. Duck into the office at the top. There's a spare uniform and a Deagle with ammo here for you. If you don't need either, then you can ignore this room and head straight for the elevator. There's also an AK and some ammo in the corner of the main room, in case you don't have one. Once you're fully disguised, you should have no trouble using the elevator.

The main goal on this floor is to reach the next one down, but you've quite a lot to do here beforehand. The first impasse is a hallway full of cameras and a few patrolling soldiers. The cameras can pretty much pooch the mission for you if they see you shoot a soldier. They can see soldiers get shot with no worry, but don't let them see you pull the trigger. However, there's no real need to kill these guys. You can hide from them in the little alcoves. Use the map to determine which alcoves they stay farthest from, and use those. Halfway, you can go through the door to the control room if you want, and kill the officer here. However, you don't really need to, and you have to drag him a long way (specifically, to that room north of the server room) to avoid his corpse's discovery. The cleaner way is to just enter the control room from below and walk through.

Go around and enter the server room from the other side. Plug it in the green lights with a silenced 9mm pistol to disable it. See the room next to the sewer room with the (!) sign? That's your next stop, if you didn't already cack the officer and take his clothes. Take the spare officer's uniform here. Congratulations on your promotion! Be sure to drop your AK. The other officer didn't have one, and neither should you.

Your next obstacle is the last patrolling guard. It's easy enough to shoot him, or hide from him in the alcoves, but you can get rid of him without racking up another kill! Notice how the south end of his route is right where the bomb goes? Head into the sewer room, and drop the bomb as far from the wall as it will allow you, then go hide in the empty guard room to the west. Pull out the remote and watch the map. As soon as he stops in that room, push your fire button, and he goes boom along with the wall. Everybody and their grandma runs to investigate, but you're nowhere nearby, so let them have their fun. They'll be long gone by the time you return with your friend. If you encounter a bug with the bomb, do not mail me about it. I have no idea what causes it or how to get around it.

Even if you don't kill that guard, do take the opportunity to blow up the wall now, so you can get on with the rest of the mission while everyone checks out your handiwork.

Challenge #4: doing the deed and escaping[edit | edit source]

Method A: use the pager[edit | edit source]

Drop the pager a little bit north of the north door to the interrogation room, move away a bit, behind a corner, and pull out the phone. Press fire to use it and activate the pager. The general will come out and take the pager, and when he goes back into the room, he will fail to lock it. This is your invitation to head in and dispatch him.

It is possible, although tricky, to kill him with the fiber wire or knife in this manner. Stand aways to the left of the door when you drop the pager, and walk in after him. Apparently he's so busy talking that he's pretty oblivious. You can actually walk pretty close to him before having to switch to sneak mode. Better save your game before trying this, it can be tough.

If you followed my advice for the rest of the level, you won't have any problems making a clean get-away. Just make sure you hide from the last patrolling guard in the empty guardroom, if he's still alive, that is.

Method B: through the mirror[edit | edit source]

Sneak past the patrolling guard, and pick the lock to the observation room. Head inside, and you can shoot the general through the glass. Pretty damn cool, shame it takes two shots, unless you use the ballers. Better use a silenced gun, unless you like having guards run in on you. Climb through the window, and walk up to the hostage. Time to make your exit!

If you followed this guide you won't have any problems making a clean get-away. Just make sure you hide from the last patrolling guard in the empty guardroom, if he's still alive.

Silent Assassin[edit | edit source]

Well, I finally figured out to drop my stupid AK when I don the officer's uniform, which makes the last half of the mission MUCH easier. The cleanest way to do it is to sneak right to the spare uniform w/o killing the first guard, and then do the general with the knife and the pager. The only major wrinkle is that you DO have to waste a bullet on the server. That means you either can't kill any other guards, or you have to kill the general up close. For my money, not killing anyone is the easier of those two tasks, so spare the first guard so you can use a bullet on the General, and you'll still make SA.

The easy way[edit | edit source]

Kill the first guard, and take the truck. Once inside, the easy way isn't much different than the SA way. Using the pager and then shooting the General is the easiest way to kill him.