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Field 3-1[edit]

Kick the space before the second spring to find a door
Use this block to kick the electrical box and find curry
  • Back on the ground deal with the Stinker flies, and prepare for boulders that roll down the ledges. Kick the sides of each ledge for a coin. Use the two springboards to clear the gaps, and watch out for a boulder that falls after the second spring. However, if you kick the space before the second spring, you will reveal an invisible door, where you can find your partner and get back health. A mole will leap at you from behind after clearing a gap. The next small platform will fall away when you land on it.
  • You must use the next three platforms to advance, but they will all fall when you land on them, so jump off quickly, avoiding the boulder that falls from the sky. You will land near a bathroom. Kick the door open to find your partner and regain health. Run at full speed to leap up to the wall, and kick your partner if you like. Jump across the floating platforms, watching out for the flies and the two moles when you land. The stationary platform at the end of the next set will fall away when you land on it. Jump over the fire and enter the elevator to be taken underground.
  • Down in the sewers again, watch out for rats. Kick the first door open to get health from your partner. After a Pizzano Family member runs toward you, you'll see a fire with a block above it. Jump on the block and kick the electrical block above it to find life extending curry. After the garbage can (with a coin inside), wait for Nessy to appear, then continue.
  • Cross the floating platforms and watch out for a soda can throwing Pizzano Family member. Cross over the two small platforms carefully, and you'll reach a large gap with two bricks above. You must kick the right brick to make a platform appear in the gap. The sign before the barred door has poo on the left side, and a coin on the right. Kick your partner in the garbage can and enter the door to find a slot machine. When jumping across the platforms, the middle stationary platform will fall away. Jump from the last platform to reach the end of the stage.

Field 3-2[edit]

Kick the space left of these red bars to find a door
Find a hidden 1-Up by kick-jumping at this location
  • After running below a bird, carefully jump over the fire. After two flies, the next platform will fall away. Kick the empty space over the red bars for a coin, but watch out for the rat. Kick the wall to the left of the next red bars (there's a brick near the ceiling) to reveal a hidden door where your partner will give you health. The next transition can be tricky; jump from the low platform which will fall over to the moving platform, using the birds to give you a boost if you need it. Continue to leap over the next gap but watch out for the flies and the boulder which falls. Then leap into the elevator to delve lower into the sewers.
  • You'll be greeted by two moles. Kicking the empty space above the pillars will sometimes earn you a coin. Watch out for the flies and jump over the mound. On the low platform, you can see an indication on the wall of an entryway. Kick it to open the door and find your partner and health. Don't risk running into the trio of flies to collect the burger. Kick the garbage can for fries. Jump over the next gaps and be sure to hop over the mound. The first stalactites will fall from the ceiling here.
  • The small platform below two birds will fall away. Then watch out for two Pizzano Family members. Kick the garbage can to stop your partner from throwing cans at you. Kick the edge of the small step for a coin. Watch out for another small platform that falls away, shortly before a boulder. When you see a rat and a Pizzano Family member before a set of steps, jump up to the top step, and perform a jump kick to reveal a bee which gives you an extra life.
  • Just beyond that, you'll notice another indication of a door. Kick it open to find a slot machine. Collect the melon and jump onto the platform which will fall away. Stop yourself on the smaller platform below it, then proceed. Kick the garbage can for a coin, then kick the sign above it to make a platform appear over the gap. Watch out for the stalactites which will block you if you jump too high. Use the red springboard to boost over the low platform and on to the moving platform ahead. Then jump down to reach the end of the stage.

Field 3-3[edit]

Kick the space before this Nessy to find a door
Bounce off the rats to reach these blocks and warp to Field 6-4
Don't forget to kick this sign to find the key
  • There are a number of secrets in this stage. You'll start off with a long jump across a gap below some birds. Keep your speed on as you jump up to the melon and jump off the platform below which will drop down. Use the next platform to jump over the fire and continue to the next platform. If you run across as it falls, it will set you up to hit the springboard. You'll boost over the burger, but also the set of flies. A Pizzano Family member will chase you from behind. Kick the space before the small platform for a coin, then leap on and off the platform before it falls down. You'll be in front of a Nessy. Kick the space here to reveal a door, and step inside to receive invincibility.
  • Beyond the Nessy, a boulder will fall down on a small block. If you fall in the gap before this block, you will be boosted into the air and warp ahead to Field 3-4. Without the key, you'll have to return, so avoid falling here. Instead, carefully jump up to the block, and slow down a bit before jumping to the next platform, which will fall away. Leap to the right to reach an elevator which will take you up to the level above.
  • Jump over the gap to collect the melon, watch out for rats, and jump on to the small platform before your soda can throwing partner. Kick the space above the platform for a coin, and then if you kick your partner, four kettles will fall. Kick the sign by the borrowing mole for a coin. Run to the door to find a slot machine. From the door, you'll have to jump over a ledge below a bird and dodge a boulder. If you wish to warp ahead to 6-4, you must prepare yourself here. Two rats will come running from behind you. As they do, keep running to the next jump. You will see two blocks in the air. The only way to reach them is to allow the rats to run behind you and jump up to boost off of them when they are in mid-air. This should bounce you up to the blocks. Then jump up to warp ahead.
  • Collect the melon and kick the garbage can for a coin. Avoid the soda throwing Pizzano, and jump off the two falling platforms to reach a ledge with a sign above it. Kick the sign to make another platform appear. Kick the space between the next two platforms for a coin, and kick the space after the last platform to make a hidden door appear. Step inside to have your health restored. Then carefully leap over three fires while avoiding the flies. When you see an elevator, don't be so quick to jump in it. Before you do, be sure to kick the right side of the arrow sign in order to find the key for the area boss.
  • Ride the elevator up, and try to hop across all of the Furspurs to avoid the fires below and get a good score. Kick the lamp post for a coin, but watch out for the birds. Kick the garbage can below the burger for a coin, and the next lamp post can be used for an attempt at an extra life. Three moles will leap out at you from behind while a Lint Imp falls down on you and a Dork shows up to bark at you. Then jump up to collect the burger before the exit sign, and kick the left side of the sign for a coin before leaving.

Field 3-4[edit]

Kick the space on this pillar to find a door
Kick the space on the lower pillar to find another door
You must kick Airhead five times to beat him
  • Kick the lamp post for a coin, then carefully leap over the two mounds, avoid the Furspurs, and collect the cherry. Kick the fire hydrant to create a fountain, and ride it up to earn health. Watch out for the Lint Imps which fall from the tree and kick your partner out from behind the bushes. Then jump from pillar to pillar, stopping to kick the space above each of them to find coins or fruit. After collecting the burger, the next lamp post is an extra life chance, but the garbage can has poo.
  • Jump across another set of pillars, and when you land on the fourth one (before a moving platform) kick the space above it to reveal a hidden door where you can regain health. Jump on to the moving platform and very carefully jump to the next pillar. If you miss it and fall down to the left side, you will be warped back to Field 2-1! Avoid this disaster at all costs. Instead, jump from the next pillar to the moving platform, but watch out for the mole that jumps out from behind, and the bird ahead.
  • Kick the tree that your partner is throwing soda cans from to knock him out. If you race ahead, the Lint Imps might miss you, but a lone soda can will hit you. Then jump from pillar to pillar until you see two close together. Stand on the lower pillar and kick the space above it to reveal a door. Behind the door is a slot machine. Jump across the two falling platforms, and launch over the flies to collect a cherry. Jump to the next moving platform, and then leap to the springboard to carry you over to the next pillar.
  • As you leap across the next two falling platforms, make sure the air above you is clear of birds. If you kick your soda can throwing partner, four boulders will fall down. Kick the garbage can for a coin and wait for the Nessy to go down before leaping to the moving platform. As you jump to the next platform, be careful collecting the burger, as the platform will fall when you land. Make it to the pillar before the green springboard which sends you back to Field 3-3 if you missed the key, and kick the sign to make a platform appear.
  • Use the moving platforms to reach more falling platforms and jump over to the stump on the ground. Watch out for the moles and the Pizzano that comes at you. You will see the arrow to the boss fight, but kick the sign first to reveal a burger. Then prepare for a fight with Airhead (Heavy Melder in Japan). He's not much different than the previous boss, except that you must now kick him 5 times to defeat him, rather than 4. Take him down to advance to the next area.