KOF Maximum Impact/Lilly

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Moves[edit | edit source]

KOF Maximum Impact 2[edit | edit source]

Hades Heave (close) or +
The Big One (close) or +
Command Moves
Mopping Up &
Taking Names
└►Forward Roll }
Special Moves
Soaring Crackdown Cane +
└►Swooping Crackdown Cane
 └►Blitzkrieg Crackdown Cane
Mid-Section Club Cruncher +
└►Flaming Mid-Section
Club Cruncher
Special Moves
Whirlwind Cudgel
Dropping Sparrow +
Homing Fire
Dragon Cane
Homing Water
Dragon Cane
DOA Thrashing
Super Cold Wind Wheel + (hold)
Mighty Whirldwind (2 bars) +
Tyro's Tantrum (3 bars) +

KOF Maximum Impact Regulation A[edit | edit source]