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The five ordeals[edit]

The first part of the game is to solve 5 puzzles in one hour. The ordeal master sends you to the first random ordeal giving you one relevant object. Each time you solve a puzzle you gain a Vort skull which you can trade for another object and guess which of the ordeals it will help.

While walking around the Ring, you will meet adversaries (named Aspirants) whom you can attack or will attack you first. Then you can search the body and find a useful item for "free".

Note that many of the puzzles serve only for giving you hints such as a correct combination, or the correct box to open, which are usually not random. This means that you can bypass them and find eg. a combination by trial and error (the hard way). It also means that if you already know eg. a combination or direction from a previous play (or a walkthrough), you can bypass those procedures and solve the puzzles directly. Furthermore, the ordeals themselves are optional and there is a way to proceed directly to the second and final part of the game.

The Twins[edit]

Object: goblet

Enter the left door labelled the Source and inspect the snake-like Fountain. Click it again and press the eye, then open your inventory, click on the goblet and fill it.

Return to the Twins and open one of the snakes. Click on the goblet and empty it in the snake. It will spit out a die. Click on it and throw. It will always show the number 2. Now open the other snake and insert the die into it. The door leading to the other room is unlocked.

Enter Who Will Be Saved? and inspect the Serpent's Head and read the inscription. If you press it any time, 6 cubes will appear in the next room, but the right way is to enter the combination. Lift the oposite leftmost and rightmost hands, the way the number 2 (⚁) is seen on a die. Now press the Head and the panel will open. Inspect the Engraving to get a description of the shape (eg. wavy lines).

Return to the Source and you will see 6 boxes that now have appeared. All of them contain a 'poisonous sliding one' except one which contains a Vort skull; so inspect them and find the one with the shape described on the engraving. It is always the Cube 6. Lift it and take the skull.

Return to The Ring.

The Wall[edit]

Object: dagger

Note that when you have the dagger you can skip directly to the last part of the game. Also you can throw the dagger to other Aspirants and claim their belongings.

You start in a hallway and two doorways. There are three arrows and when you click on them, two walls move. At first you need to open one of the doors as the walls close. A simple way is to click directly the Zone 3 arrow and then enter one of the doors.

Click on the stop at the bottom of the wall and Climb on it. Open your inventory and put in the dagger into the slot near the knight. The wall flips. If you havent stepped on the wall you will be killed.

Before doing anything else, you have noticed that you dagger was dropped so click the Objects in the Room and take again your dagger. Your exit is through the passage behind the wall, but notice a narrow passage on the left. Click on it to reach a dead end.

Notice an engraving and a deep cavity on the floor. Click on it and stick your hand. You just recovered one more skull. Now return to the previous screen and click on the passage to exit to the Master's Orbit.

The Noose[edit]

Object: lantern

You need the lantern to enter this test, although the Psi power Solar Eyes will do. This room also gives access to the Gallery (a network of tunnels) but it's not advisable to enter them now.

The skull is in a hollow below the platform where Poormouth is standing. For this you have to push the lever (he will be hung). You can help him but if you remove his ropes he will attack you first, so he will be killed and fall down to the Powers of the Abyss anyway.

You can climb the platform with the left rope (the right rope is slippery and you will fall in the pit). Then interact with Poormouth anyway you can, and push the lever to release the platform. Examine the Hollow where the opened platform is and claim the Vort skull.

If you have pushed the lever you will see an "Eye" below it. If you push it, a trap-door leading to the gallery will open.

For now, return to the Master's Orbit.

De Profundis[edit]

Object: rope

As you find yourself on a platform amidst boiling liquid. When a hook descends from the ceiling (you can clik "Wait" if needed) use the rope in the inventory to make a lasso. Wait again until the Granite Monster rises from the liquid.

Now jump on the Granite Monster, and take the Rope. Wait again, and the monster takes you to the other side to the Ring where you find a skull.

In the Scorpion's presence[edit]

Object: fly

In this ordeal it is possible to make a wrong move. If you feed the Scorpion statue a wrong object you will lose it and bring yourself to a dead end. You should restart the ordeal.

In the first chamber you can examine an engraving, but if it is supposed to be a hint, it doesn't make much sense. There is also the possiblity to feed the fly in the Opened Mouth but you will lose it.

Click on the statue and pray to it. You will hear a lispy voice (which mispronounces R as L) will ask food, and will unlock the central door leading to The Web.

Enter it and click on the Web on the floor. Select Crawl to approach The Mistress. Give the fly to her. She will comment that Khele "loves what he can't pronounce". Refuse to kiss her and she will tell you to feed one of two spiders, Red or Blue, and take the other. Since Khele would love the "Led" one, select the Blue one and take the Red.

Return to the central room and put the Red Spider in the Opened Mouth and Khele appears (if you had the Blue Spider, you would be stuck and had to quit the ordeal). Click on the opening and pass through it. You are again in The Ring with a Vort skull.

After completing all the trials, you should have the dagger (if not, trade your object for it) and the egg.

After the trials[edit]

After completing all the trials, you should have the dagger (if not, trade your object for it). Go to the trader and give all the five skulls to the guard. Now watch the ceremony where they ordain you a Divo, they give you an egg and send you to the Concourse to impregnate the priestess.

Second part[edit]

There are several ways to exit the Ring.

  • Walk around the Ring and find the guard of the door (having the dagger gives you the edge) and take his zapstik. Enter the passage and then the left opening and follow it until the bars. Pull the bolt and enter the hole. You will fall to the soup with Deilos.
  • Before becoming a divo, go to the Noose and enter the Trap-door. This will lead you to a point of the Gallery but you won't have the zapstick.

You can visit the Concourse as instructed (without the zapstick) and go to the Dreams of Slime and lie down to sleep, but you will be killed. You can also try Brainwarp on some guards and enter the doors they guard; you can discover a passage with an engraving of a toad which will lead you to the Gallery, but you won't go far.

Now when you are in the Powers of the Abyss, use the Psi Power Etreme Violence to Deilos, and you will defeat it with your zapistick. Click on the soup and select Dive. Use Zone Scan and something will flash; a passage. Follow it and you will find yourself in a point of the Gallery.

Explore the Gallery until you find a pair of people, Ash and his daughter Normajeen. When asked to drop your weapons, either Accept or Talk to them. Next Tell the Truth. They will trust you. Use again Zone Scan and they will show you a sarcophagus. Lift it and inspect the inscription. Take the Bean and the Flask. If you want you can inspect the Mummy and feed him the flask or the bean, but it won't change anything.

Follow the left tunnel until you find a trap-door. Open it and you will find yourself in the Refectory. Navigate the area, avoiding the exit that leads to Ante-Chamber. If you meet a priestess, just Run Away or Attack her. Go to Saura's Repose and then In The Presence of God and Placating the Powers.

Attack the first priestess; you can't beat Saura so use Brainwarp, and then give her the flask to drink. It's your friend, Sci Fi. Now she and her monkey will follow you.

If you don't have the egg, follow this paragraph:

Return to the Master's Orbit anyway you want. You can Inspect the Altar and then Pull the Lever. You will end up to a tunnel leading to the Powers of Abyss. Alternatively, you can return to the Refectory and use Sticky Fingers to reach the trap-door and follow the Gallery until the Noose. This time the Master's Orbit will be empty. Enter the Master's Eye and throw the dagger to the Master of Ordeals. Search him, take the whistle and whistle it. Look into the cavity that opens and take the egg. Now return.

Go to the Presence of God and find The Threshold of Truth. Kill the woman and put the egg in the open mouth of the statue. The bars lift so inspect letern. Use Psi Shift to get Saura's statuette from upper left.

If you visit the Ablutions (and kill the bathing woman), you can enter the cells and read the inscriptions on the wall. They form a hint:

the father of all offa
will open
the way of the stars
under the eye
of the divine couple

Seturn to Saura's Repose and put the statue in niche. Click on the monkey and put it in the tunnel. Go to the Presence of God, use Zone Scan and see how the monkey opens the passage.

Things happen and use Extreme Violence to Zorq. Use Brainwarp on Harssk and when he catches Sci Fi, use Shift to close the trap door. He will let her down and try to open the door. Click the Dagger or Sacrificial Blade and throw them to him.