KiKi KaiKai: Dotou Hen/Enemies

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The number in parenthesis after the name of the enemy is the number of Ofuda cards that you earn for defeating that enemy.

Puka Puka (1) Kasabe (1)
The Puka Puka are small ghosts that wander down the screen and turn right or left when Sayo passes them. They are common and appear nearly everywhere, including dungeons. Even though they are basic enemies, don't underestimate them; they can spit projectiles in one of eight directions during. Try to shoot them before they have a chance to fire at you.
Kasabes are umbrella shaped enemies that can appear in groups of up to four. They typically appear closed, get close to Sayo-chan, open up, and dance around her in a circle, before closing again, and attempting to spear her on their way out. When they surround Sayo, they stay just outside of the rage of her purification wand, so you must shoot them.
Rumuru (5) Otama (0)
Rumurus are tiny apparitions that can't actually kill Sayo-chan, but they are harmful. When a Rumuru touches Sayo, it poisons her. When poisoned, the screen turns red, and Sayo's life will decrease very slowly on its own. Waving the purification wand in front of statues is said to remove poison.
Otamas are spirits that travel together in a single file formation. One Otama will lead a group of three around the screen. While they don't provide Sayo with Ofuda if she defeats one individually, if she manages to defeat the entire group then the last Otama may drop 30 Ofuda cards for Sayo to collect. They don't intentionally move to collide with Sayo, so they are relatively easy to avoid.
Bake Uri (0) Bake Chouchin (1)
Appearing as if someone carved a Jack 'O Lantern into a melon, the bake uri always appear from the various wells placed around Japan. They can attack Sayo from eight different directions around the well whenever she passes through one of those directions. They do not behave like they do in the original arcade game; massive amounts will not pour out of the wells if you stand in the right place, and extra vegetables do not appear.
These "ghost lanterns" tend to fly on to the screen in groups of three. They fly rather slowly and cautiously until they feel they are within range of Sayo-chan's attack. At that point, they spit a fireball out in Sayo's direction, and immediately flee the screen. For this reason, they can be difficult to hit. Focus on avoiding the fire that they shoot.
Ogei (5) Toosenbou (50)
Also known as a Rokurokubi. Some Ogei walk around out in the open, but many of them occupy the small huts that are scattered throughout the land. These demons disguise themselves as a normal woman with the ability to extend its neck extremely far. As Sayo passes the hut, the Rokurokubi will stretch its neck out in an attempt to eat Sayo. Shoot the head several times to defeat it, and enter the hut to find a shop. Only the standing Ogei give you Ofuda cards upon defeat.
Looking like a giant tombstone with feet, the Toosenbou wander up and down the screen until they sense that Sayo-chan might be near. Then they immediately rush in her direction and fall to the ground in an attempt to crush her. Once they fall, they crumble and are no longer a threat. They are only seen in dungeons in a pair, and you must have the red Ofuda power-up from the shops in order to hurt them. It's worth it, however, as defeating just one of these monsters can resupply the Ofuda cards you spent to enter the dungeon in the first place.
Rin Rin (5) Minojii (1)
These apparitions run around with fox masks attached to their faces. They are quite ninja like, appearing only briefly before stopping and throwing a projectile at you with fair accuracy. They can be defeated with one Ofuda card, so watch them carefully, avoid their projectiles, and shoot them before they have a chance to attack you once again.
Minojii are rather large demons that appear like over grown babies. Their temperament isn't much better. They appear on the screens in groups wanting nothing more than Sayo's attention. If they get a hold of her, they will hurt her and reduce her health. Remove them quickly before they have a chance to squash her.
Nyoro Nyoro (0) Yonebaa (5)
The Nyoro Nyoro of the Famicom game look decidedly different from their zarcade counterparts, but they are no less dangerous. In fact, like the Rumuru, they can poison Sayo, so be sure to steer clear of these double headed snakes.
The Yonebaa remain motionless in one spot as they throw stones at Sayo. The stones that they throw in this game are capable of poisoning Sayo. You must decide if it's worth it to get close enough to them to attack, or simply run past them and avoid the stones that they throw.
Hashiritai (1)
Appearing a lot like a fish that has sprouted legs, these spirits leap out of the water in one particular area of the game, and hop across the screen in a diagonal direction. They aren't specifically out to get Sayo, but they tend to get in her way. They are easy to defeat and should be removed from the screen quickly.