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Air Section[edit | edit source]

The forces of the Underworld and Nature are at it again. This time, the Forces of Nature are being led by Phosphora, the electric Goddess. She and a revived Thanatos will do battle in the background while you go through this air section.

As you fly on through, watch out for beams shot from pieces of land.

After Thanatos is defeated, collect the recovery orbs. Save your special attacks for when you go through the cloud corridor; Flages will be waiting for you. When you finally approach the Cloud Temple, dodge the lighting bolts before landing.

Ground Section[edit | edit source]

First things first: a lot of the objects in this area are electrified. Touching them will hurt quite a bit, but fortunately it is fairly obvious what is and isn't safe to touch. When you reach the first turn left, note that the wall to your right can be broken. Inside is a few enemies and a treasure chest. Eventually, you'll reach an elevator. Take it up, but beware the Skreetles that will be waiting. In the room ahead, destroy the electric crystal and defeat the nearby enemies in order to proceed.

In the next group of rooms, there will be trains moving on tracks. Destroying them grants you items. Just watch out for the guards. Soon, you'll enter a room with several spheres. Knock them into position to power up the air current. A small tunnel leads to a third sphere, which maximizes the air current to take you to a treasure. Later, you'll have to climb up some stairs while avoiding electric beams and enemy attacks. Try staying lower to the ground until you've done as much damage as possible. Once the enemies are destroyed, the beams disappear.

Up ahead, destroy the next electric crystal. Drop down the hole and take the grind rail to the final pathway. Keep on moving; some parts of the walkway collapse! If necessary, just rush past enemies. At the end there is a podium with a treasure box behind it. Take the jump pad to the last room. There, you will see a door leading to Phosphora and an electric fence. Dodge through the fence if you want to get to the Zodiac Chamber, or go straight for the boss.

Boss: Phosphora[edit | edit source]

Phosphora is fast fighter, frequently moving around the battlefield and attacking from a distance with her lightning. She will either shoot electric projectiles through the air or send currents running through the ground. If you get near her, she will try and teleport away, making this fight potentially a long chase.

The good news is, you can also try fighting from a range. Bows in particular work well for this, since you can whittle away her health over time from a distance. Alternatively, use Claws to boost your speed and take her out quickly with melee combos.

Phosphora is quick and evasive, but lacks health. A few good hits will bring her down. Just be ready to catch her.