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Special items[edit]

Name Ability Price Allowed Restricted
"Divinely blessed."
D+2, bonus MDF+20 (troops halved in bonus MDF) 300 Holy
"A necklace made from magical stones"
D+3, Range +2 900 all
"A crystal with strong magic sealed within."
Magic Range +3, Doubles MP 1,000 Holy
Speed Boots
"Fly like shuttle-cock"
MV+2 leader and troops 600 Knights
"A crown blessed with mysterious power."
A+3, D+2, Range +2 5,000 all
Aura (Aurora)
"A jewel that emits rainbow-colored light. If equipped by a summoner..."
Let you summon Valkyrie
3,100 all
Angel Wing
"A feather from a holy angel. If equipped by a summoner..."
bonus MDF+10 (troops halved in bonus MDF)
Let you summon Freyia
2,500 all
"A glistening ring. If equipped by a summoner..."
Magic Damage +2
Let you summon White Dragon
2,800 all
"A chain used to capture Fenrir. If equipped by a summoner..."
Let you summon Fenrir
3,000 all
Gyaral's Horn
"A god's hunting horn. If equipped by a summoner..."
A+2, D+2
Let you summon Yrmgard (Worm Guard)
3,200 all
"An amulet containing the protection of..."
bonus MDF+15 (troops halved in bonus MDF)
Bug: Commander will lose spell immunity (if any)
1,000 all
"Mysterious stone."
A level 10 character with a runestone will class change as if (s)he had just left his/her first class level. It will disappear after the effect. 10,000 all


It's listed as Gleipnur, but it says Carbunkle when you find it in scenario 12.

The Runestone is nice because the lower level classes usually give more AT/DF bonuses per bit of experience than the higher ones. It also let you max out stats if you seriously favor a certain character or are level skipping. Any spells you learned will be carried over to your new class.


There is a bug on any item which provides bonus MDF. The commander always get the full bonus, while its troops getting half only, no matter what the description indicates.

Some items indicate all get the bonus MDF, but actually the troops get only half of the bonus. Some do not indicate, but again the troops still get half of the bonus.

Amulet bugs

For any character who is equipped with an amulet, it loses the spell's immunity (if any). This bug only affects the commander. Its units are still fine. For details, please see the related section in Spells.