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Winning condition: -Death of all enemies
Losing condition:  -Death of Elwin
Items: Devil Axe, Iron Array, Plate Armor
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Jessica
  ( Aniki Builder L1 Barbarian x6 ) x2
  ( Aniki Builder L1 Wraith x4, Berserker x2 ) x2
  ( Aniki Builder L1 Ballista x4, Berserker x2 ) x2

On the platform:
    Adon and Sampson: ( Builder L9, Golem x4, Wraith x2 ) x2
      They attack on turn 6, or when one of your heroes reaches the
      top row of statues.
    Varan: Builder L10 Golem x4, Wraith x2

Turn 10: Varan starts countdown, when it is finished all enemies are

Masaya, the company behind the Langrisser series, is also responsible for the Cho Aniki series of shooters which are notorious for focussing on nearly naked men both as player characters and also as enemies. The lead characters are named Samson, Varan, and Adon, and that's who you will be fighting in this scenario. They give huge amounts of experience and cash.

This scenario is a good time to start favoring whoever you plan on making into a swordmaster. In the next few scenarios you will want to have some good phalanxes.

Golems are essentially improved phalanxes, so arm yourself accordingly. Ballistae aren't as deadly against your air as archers, but they are much worse on your ground units. They have high attack and a range of 6. If you have thunder, you can cast it on the ballista leaders, since they will usually get ahead of their troops. This will destroy the ballistae before they get close enough to hurt you. They have a very low magic resistance.

Builders have an insanely high attack, don't even think about attacking them when they have 10 health. Use magic to knock them down a bit first, then send in your best leaders. When the builder dies, use healing magic to accelerate their climb up from what will probably be a very low HP. Surround them with troops strong enough to ward off attack from the other anikis. Rinse and repeat. Heavy horsemen and griffins work well too. Sleep is extremely effective.

Enjoy the dialogue in this scenario. You'll never see anything quite like it, unless you do the secret scenario in Der Langrisser too.