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The four characters have varying stats that make them better or worse at particular tasks (tanking damage, running, hitting in melee). Each character has a melee attack, three tiers of projectile attacks (each with a powered up version) and a special ability. The tier 1 spells are all fairly similar with a bit of variance in power and firing rate, while later spells diverge more strongly into each hero's unique characteristics.

Special abilities drain all of your mana to produce a "bomb" type attack, and are more powerful depending on how much mana you burn using them. You may wish to have a Starstone or two on hand for immediate use if you invoke these, but they can make a good emergency plan if you get surrounded.


Wielder of chaos powers. He is fairly average in all attributes, and his ultimate spell tier has good enemy-seeking properties when powered up, so he may make a good choice for beginning players. His color is green.

1. Chaos Bolt
Fires single green energy bolts.
1b. Disruption
Powered up projectiles bounce off walls and do splash damage.
2. Discordian Wave
A spread shot of seven green bolts.
2b. Entropic Pulse
The powered-up projectiles tear through enemies instead of stopping on impact. Good for tightly-packed clusters of enemies.
3. Shadow Blast
Four energy balls swirl around the warlock as they charge up, then fire forwards in a cluster. The warlock is locked in place while charging the spell up. A bit lackluster, but when powered up...
3b. Umbral Vortex
The balls now aggressively seek on enemies, making the spell quite useful.
Special Ability
The Warlock hollers and creates a green shockwave around himself.


A holy warrior, "beautiful but deadly" as described in the intro. She has the maximum speed but is a bit below average on strength and health. As a speedy character with decent spells, she's better adapted for ranged combat than melee, so tends to be rather dependent on a good supply of mana. Her color is yellow.

1. Holy Missile
Fires projectiles straight ahead. The fire rate is good but there is a bit of a stutter to the firing, rather than a constant stream.
1b. Salvation
The powered-up projectiles bounce off of walls and cause splash damage when hitting monsters.
2. Redemption
Fires five projectiles in a V pattern.
2b. Damnation
The powered-up projectiles tear through enemies instead of stopping on impact, making for an attack that's quite effective against large groups.
3. Gift from Above
Fires a single projectile forward with a slow rate of fire. When a monster is hit by the projectile, a bolt of lighting strikes the spot from above, this can be blocked by overhanging platforms. Unlike the other characters, the Inquisitor can move freely while using her tier 3 spells.
3b. Hand of God
Powered up, it seeks enemies, and can create a chain lighting effect on clustered enemies.
Special Ability
The Inquisitor summons enemy-seeking ghosts.


A sturdy dwarf with a massive magic hammer. He has the maximum health and decent strength, but poor speed. While not as powerful in melee as the Arch-demon, he still hits pretty hard and his spells are good, too, making him a slow and destructive tank. His color is blue.

1. Sledge of Striking
Fires magic hammers straight ahead with a low rate of fire.
1b. Power Maul
When powered up, the hammers bounce off of walls and cause a large area of splash damage upon hitting.
2. StoneShift
Fires a spread of five magic pebbles that can turn enemies to stone for a short time.
2b. ShatterStones
The spread increases to eight pebbles and they bounce off enemies instead of stopping on impact. Smash stoned enemies with your melee attack and watch them crumble.
3. DoomStrike
A torrent of rock rains down from above, dealing area of effect damage in front of the Earthlord. He is locked in place while using this spell.
3b. Avalanche
Huge boulders target on nearby enemies and come down from above to crush them.
Special Ability
The Earthlord leaps upwards and slams his hammer down to create a short-range earthquake.


A spiky, orange, fire-spewing monster from a lineage originally created to serve in the armies of mages. He has maximum strength and decent health, but poor speed. The Arch-demon is a good character for players who want to rely more on melee combat; his flaming punches can one-hit-kill some of the basic enemies. However, while his starting spell is good, his later spells can leave a bit to be desired compared to other characters.

1. Flame Strike

Throws a pair of fire bolts straight ahead at a decent rate.

1b. Flames of Doom
When powered up, the projectiles bounce off of walls and cause splash damage.
2. Fire Bomb
Fires a triple spread of large fireballs.
2b. Incineration
When powered up, the spread of fireballs increases to five and they bounce off of enemies rather than stopping on impact.
3. Fire Belch
The Arch-demon breathes a continuous stream of fire that's good at stunlocking enemies. He is locked in place while using this, which coupled with the obscene mana costs needed to actually kill anything with it usually make it awesome, but impractical.
3b. Elemental Scourge
The powered up mode adds periodic exploding fireballs to the stream.
Special Ability
The Arch-demon summons a swirling rain of firey embers.