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New York City[edit]

Mario Is Missing NYC NES map.png
Street view of New York City

Mario has entered the castle and he is in the main hall that has seven doors, seven of which are immediately available to enter. The far right of the castle is where Bowser is located. The only way to get in there is if you return all 42 artifacts to their city. Three of the artifacts are required to return in each city. Once you return right artifact into the right location, you will ask one random question about the location.

Start with the first door, and enter a pipe. Red pipes means completed, so Luigi went to another pipe.

Once Luigi is in New York City, please press Down dpad to cross down the street, press Up dpad to cross up. Once you saw a koopa, you will jump and press Down dpad to grab an item. Then you will press Select button until the artifact box (bag with a $) and you press Start button. You will see the artifacts. Press select again, then you will see walking box, when you press enter, you will see the city map. Once you see Luigi walking the world, you press enter, and select the correct city by pressing Start button. If it is incorrect, you will do this again until the correct city.

If you answer the questions "Where am I?" and "Have a nice day!" to people, they will answer it to you. Only "Where am I?" can be sent to the computer, and it was saved. Press the Select button again until the question box. The answers "What was that question?" can repeat the question, and "I'll get back to you that" can go away and answer it again if you know it.

Here are the questions:

Empire State Building ($1960)
How tall is the Empire State Building?

A. 1,453 stories
B. 102 stories
C. 73 stories
D. 56 stories

The building takes its name from:

A. The Empire Strikes Back
B. the referee at the baseball game
C. New York's nickname
D. its 73 elevators

The Empire State Building is located in:

A. Manhattan
B. Brooklyn
C. New Jersey
D. Kongsville

Prometheus ($2800)
The statue that overlooks the skating rink is:

A. John D. Rockefeller
B. Hans Brinker
C. Prometheus

Rockefeller Center street closes one day a year because:

A. it's a janitors holiday
B. the ice rink is closed
C. it is private property

Statue of Liberty Torch ($1750)
What does 'The Lady' hold in her hands?

A. Gloves and a French flag
B. A torch and a document
C. A flashlight and a map

The Statue of Liberty honors:

A. masses yearning to be free
B. French-American friendship
C. The New York harbor

People's information[edit]

  • Boy:
    • "You're in the home where the buffalo roam, and the skies are not cloudy all day."
    • "Being an early bird in the Big Apple really helps."
  • Tourist:
    • "The country is divided into 50 states. But the nation's capital isn't in any of them!"
    • "Baseball is the national sport, and apple pie is the dessert of choice."
  • Business Woman:
    • "So nice they named it twice, NY, NY."
    • "Catch a cab, or take the subway, not many private cars in this island city."
  • Scientist:
    • "Legend has it the colonists bought Manhattan for $24 from the Indians."
  • Police Officer:
    • "Thanks for asking one of New York's Finest, you're in New York City."
    • "It's made up of five boroughs, this borough is Manhattan."


Once you completed the city, and return artifacts to the right place, you will see the total money of a maximum of $6510 and the password 6GM281. After you enter the pipe, you will press Start button to go back to the beginning. It was secured if it is completed.


Mario Is Missing Rome map.png

Once there was bridges in Rome, it was a river. There was two artifacts to return in the east side and one on west.

Colosseum ($2000)
When was the Colosseum built?

A. BC 72
B. AD 72
C. AD 52
D. AD 1972

Who would use that spear?

A. Gladiators
B. Emperors
C. Lions
D. Javelin throwers

Just how many people could fit in this place?

A. 50,000
B. 5,000
C. 150
D. 100,000

Trevi Fountain ($1500)
The Trevi is the biggest and oldest __________ in Rome.

A. restaurant
B. fountain
C. amusement park
D. church

Add your two cents, Luigi. Why do people throw coins?

A. To feed the fish
B. To get change for laundry
C. To return to Rome
D. To make a wish

When was the Trevi built?

B. 1954
C. 1962
D. 1644

The Sistine Chapel ($2400)
Where is the Sistine Chapel located?

A. Near the Trevi Fountain
B. In Michelangelo's house
C. Underground
In the Vatican

Let's make this picture perfect. Who painted the ceiling?

A. Leonardo
B. Splinter
C. Donatello
D. Michelangelo

What does Sistine mean in Latin?

A. Ceiling
B. Paintbrush
C. Six
D. Holy

People's information[edit]


Once you finished the city Rome, you will see the score $12410 and password 4GM081. 4GM081 was the password when you complete Rome while 0GM481 was Sydney. It was different, so the passwords reversed numbers on first and fourth character.

When you finish the first door at the beginning, it will remain locked. You will not open because it is locked, please use the second door.