Marvel: Ultimate Alliance/Valley of Spirits

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A cutscene shows the enemies for the first time. Loki, Enchantress, Baron, Ultron and Dr Doom revealing their plans about dominating the world.

This is the final dungeon level you have to go through before you go to Dr Strange's medieval headquaters.

For the first major section of this level, monks and statue-like creatures will be your primary attackers as you explore the level. However unlike other levels, the barrels would damage if you attack it, allowing it to explode on you.

The Ultimo Battle[edit | edit source]

Mandarin will announce his disgust and will introduce Ultimo Mark for you to defeat. Although not very tough, you'll have to be careful not to fall off the sides where the stairs are. Same when you also find a large dragon. As you reach the door with the SHIELD access, you're going to take a number of enemies so you can go on to the next section. The only way to tell if the place where monks come out then turns into a floor with a chinese symbol indicating that there's none left.

On the Golden Courts, once you reach the balconies, if you jump to where the "X" is, that's where you find Ultimo's Schematics for Nick Fury. The other set of balconies has breathing fire statues you need to jump across. So time your jump and careful not to hit the flames at the wrong time.

Gargoyle's Showdown[edit | edit source]

The Grey Gargoyle can be quite tough to deal with. Though he can be beaten on its own, the catch is to keep the regenerating monks from healing it. So if the monk appears, take it down so the Gargoyle can be easily beaten since his only specialty is to turn you into stone.

The Celestial Hall is partly a puzzle here. There's two doors blocking the SHIELD access point. On one side, you need to take down monks and move blocks to access a lever and the other side is simply the same before the Golden Courts but much like an arena without the walls on the sides.

Ultimo Mark 2 on the next area should not be too hard to beat as long as your team is still alive. The open area you are in should be easy enough to move around.

If you choose Spider-Woman, you get a unique dialogue between the two.

Helping Dr Strange[edit | edit source]

The Forbidden Passage has something more for you to deal with. Firstly, saving Dr Strange which will be part of your team and finding Orb of Agamotto. You'll find it one of the treasures you'll find it in this section before you go up against Mandarin. Just make sure you take out the fans on the way as it will hurt your person you're controlling.

The Powerful Mandarin[edit | edit source]

Mandarin can be quite tough because his attacks is a whirlwind attack and an ice attack. You start off normally attacking him until it reaches half. Then he teleports into one of three places. He'll introduce the spider bomb and Ultimo 3. The catch is for the spider to go into a teleport to explode the Ultimo 3, so you can teleport in and attack Mandarin. But if you go in as normal, Ultimo Mark 3 can be tough to deal with. Do the same pattern for all three teleportation so he'll go down and allows your team to finish him off.

Once the fight is over, Mandarin reveals that he tried and failed to succeed as Dr Doom came ahead of him. Also he reveals that Loki uses Mandarin's appearance so that he will have enough time with Dr Doom's team to find a way to conquer the world.

When you use the portal to go back to Stark Tower, Fury reveals the bad news: Nightcrawler and Jean Grey is missing. Give him the Ultimo Schematics and talk to Wyatt Wingfoot to go to Sanctum Sanctorum.