Master of Magic/High Elf

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High Elves are highly cultured people with a noble military tradition. They have a fine sense of natural environments and inherent magical abilities.

Tactical Overview[edit]

High Elves are a slow growing race, which will turn into a power house if allowed. Their inherent power production helps offset the deficit in religious buildings. The special units are very strong. Longbowmen should be an early priority, since they will provide good defenses, and the Elven Lords are almost comparable to Paladins, with the money combination of fast move, First Strike and Armor Piercing. The universal +1 to hit bonus makes any unit worthwhile.

High Elves are a very strong race, although the slow growth may cause problems very early on. Once you get beyond that point, however, you're set to take over the world.

Special Rules[edit]

All units cost 50% extra, except Galleys, Triremes and Catapults. All units have +1 to hit, +2 Resistance and the Forester ability.

High Elf cities grow slowly, at a rate of -20 per turn, and produce 1/2 power per population.

Normal Units[edit]

High Elf cities can build Spearmen, Swordsmen, Halberdies, Cavalry, Magicians, Catapults and Galleys.

They cannot build Bowmen, Priests, Shamans and Engineers.

Special Units[edit]

High Elf cities can build Longbowmen, Pegasi and Elven Lords

Name Cost No. of figures Upkeep Melee Attack Ranged Attack Defense Resistance Movement Hit Points Specials
Longbowmen 80 6 ? 1 Missile 3 (8 ammo) 2 6 1 1 +1 to hit, Forester, Long Range
Pegasi 160 2 ? 5 Missile 3 (8 ammo) 4 8 3 Flying 5 +1 to hit, Forester
Elven Lords 160 4 ? 5 - 4 9 2 3 +2 to hit, Armor Piercing, First Strike, Forester


High Elf cities cannot build Parthenon and Maritime Guild.