Master of Magic/Lizardman

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Lizardmen are... you guessed it: Half lizards, half men. Lizardmen are amphibious by nature and have a hardy constitution. Though they are limited in the way of technology, they are dangerous enemies, striking from otherwise calm waters, often with the help of their animal allies.

Tactical Overview[edit]

Lizardmen are a very situational race, mainly depending on how much water is on the map. With much water, their swim ability lets them expand quickly to island that other races can't reach until much later. Their additional hit points make their units last significantly longer than average and means you can get away with much less.

They lack the higher level buildings, both religious and research and are somewhat constricted as to unit types. Still, they have what they need and wise use of the swim ability can turn a game on its own. Quick, unexpected strikes from the water allows you to take advantage of momentary weaknesses and good placement of a few Dragon Turtles can make an enemy invasion all but impossible, at least without the aid of Water Walking or similar. A Single Dragon Turtle can take out several ships unaided.

Lack of money producing building can be a problem, so make sure to take advantage of any opportunity to expand. Remember, even your settlers can swim. Use that. A tricky race, but in some situations highly effective.

Special Rules[edit]

All units can swim and have +1 defense and 2 hit points.

Normal Units[edit]

Lizardmen cities can build Spearmen, Swordsmen, Halberdiers and Shamans.

They cannot build Cavalry, Bowmen, Priests, Magicians, Catapults, Galleys and Engineers.

Special Units[edit]

Lizardmen can build Javelineers and Dragon Turtles.

Name Cost No. of figures Upkeep Melee Attack Ranged Attack Defense Resistance Movement Hit Points Specials
Javelineers 120 6 ? 1 Missile 2 (6 ammo) 4 5 2 Swim 2 -
Dragon Turtle 120 1 ? 10 - 8 8 2 Swim 15 Breath 5


Lizardman cities cannot build Animist's Guild, Armorer's Guild, Miner's Guild, Parthenon and Sage's Guild