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After the opening animation, you will be taken to the start screen, where you may load a saved game, view the Hall of Fame or start a new game, by clicking the self-explanatory menu items. We'll assume that you start a new game.

Game Options[edit]

In the Game Options screen, you control several settings for your game:

  • Difficulty (Intro, Easy, Normal, Hard, Impossible)
  • Opponents (One through four)
  • Land Size (Small, Medium, Large)
  • Magic (Weak, Normal, Powerful)

Click OK when satisfied with your choices or cancel to return to the start screen.

Select Wizard[edit]

Next you may select which wizard to play as. You may pick one of the ready-made wizards or custom-make your own.

If you pick a standard wizard, you will be asked to write your name and will then be taken on to the spell selection screen(s). If you pick a custom wizard, you will first be asked to select a portrait for yourself, then a name and finally, you will be taken to the customization screen.


Here you may pick your custom wizard's abilities and spell books. You will have 11 picks to spend on any combination, subject to a few restriction (Life and Death magic are mutually exclusive and some abilities require certain spell books).

When finished, hit OK and you will be taken to the spell selection screen(s).

Spell Selection[edit]

If you have two or more spell books of any color, you will be allowed to select spells of that color. A list of spells will appear with check marks next to some. Select the spells you want and click OK. You will then be taken on to the race selection screen.

Race Selection[edit]

You will be asked to choose your starting race. Each race has particular bonuses and limitations, as well as race specific units. Arcanian races are always possible to select, but Myrran races can only be selected if your wizard has the Myrran ability.

Left click on your choice and you will be asked to choose your color for the game (Red, blue, green, yellow or purple). Having done this, your game will start (possibly after a short pause, as the game builds the random world).