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Crash Man's stage is a climb to the top, much like Elec Man's stage in the first game. The stage is set in a large tower, where Mega Man starts at the bottom and must ascend all the way to the top. The stage does not have any pits but falling from the stages many ladders can result in big set backs. A stretch of the stage includes platforms that ride along increasingly complex rails which Mega Man must ride, and avoid enemies that fly towards him the entire time.


  • A: For the first two screens, you must climb a series of ladders while small floating enemies known as Tellies pop out of pipes. Up to three of them can occupy the screen at any given time. Shoot down the ones closest to you, and clear a path to the next ladder you must climb. If you're having trouble clearing any above you, utilize the Metal Blade if you have one.
  • B: Three Neo-Metalls stand between you and the next vertical section. They are only vulnerable when they lift their helmets to see outside. But when they do, they shoot three bullets in a spread pattern that is difficult to dodge. Fortunately, they don't do too much damage, so take the hit in order to remove the Metalls from the path.
  • C: This is the start of a three screen sequence, where you must ride a platform to reach the ladder at the top which leads to the next screen. With each screen, the rail on which the platform rides gets more and more complex, taking a longer and move convoluted path to carry Mega Man closer to the ladder. All the while, up to three Tellies can appear and float toward you in an effort to knock you off the platform. Of course, you can use Transport Item 1 to bypass the need to ride the platform if you have it.
  • D: After shooting you way past a Blocky, you'll reach a relatively quiet section of the stage, where you merely climb up a tall ladder, only to encounter a lone Neo Metall near the top. If you get shot and fall down, you won't die. You'll simply have to climb back up.
  • E: One more Neo Metall greets you at the foot of two ladders which rise high into the air, while the sky gets darker. Which ladder you choose will dictate how challenging your climb will be. Pipi fly through the air, dropping eggs which hatch into smaller Pipi hatchlings. If you take the right ladder, and cross over to the far right ladder which starts above, you will be relatively safe from attack, as the Pipi's egg will fall harmlessly down the side of the tower. Note that if you take the left ladder, and you don't have Transport Item 1 or 2, you will be forced to return to the ground below and climb back up the right ladder to proceed.

  • F: Regardless of which ladder you took to reach the spot at the top, consider your next move carefully. If you wish to collect the E-Tank and you have Item 1, you can easily slip down to the platform with the tank, and use Item 1 to not only return to the platform above, but to go even higher to the ladder hanging down from the left side of the screen. (If you only have Item 2, you can use two of them to accomplish the same thing.) The ladder on the left leads to an Extra Life if you follow it up to the top of the next screen. From here, you have three Fly Boys to deal with on the way to Crash Man's lair.

Crash Man

As a condition of constantly being around deadly explosive weapons, Crash Man is a little jumpy. Normally content to run back and forth in his lair, he will leap into the air every time Mega Man fires. He will also leap in the air after running around for a while. Whenever he does, he fires his Crash Bomb weapon diagonally at the floor. You can take advantage of the fact that he jumps whenever you fire by timing your shots at him when you're mid-jump. He will usually jump into the fire. However, you still have to do your best to avoid his powerful weapon. They take approximately three seconds to explode if they don't hit you directly, so steer clear of them once they connect with the ground or a wall. When you defeat Crash Man, you'll get his weapon: the Crash Bomber

Crash Man's weakness

Crash Man is far and away the most sensitive of all the Robot Masters to the Air Shooter. If you hop into the air before firing them in Crash Man's direction, he will inevitably jump into the air and get hit by them. It takes a mere four shots with the Air Shooter to destroy Crash Man, but you may destroy him with fewer shots if you strike him with multiple tornadoes at once