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Fast Fire Testing

At title screen, there is a number "0" at the top. If the player presses a certain button many times in a short period, the number will tell how fast the input is. This number will also become the initial number of notes in Bonus Stage.

Continue your game (Famicom / NES)

In order to continue your game, you must obtain the first crystal from the boss on the first floor. Once you possess this crystal, you can continue your game after you lose all of your health by returning to the title screen, holding Left dpad and pressing Start button.

Instruments in Bonus Stage

As Milon collects more Music Boxes, the people in the Bonus Stage will appear with more instruments, making the music more complete.

Extra Ending Message (Famicom / NES)

Beat the game 2 times in a row to get an extra ending message.

Passwords (Game Boy)

Password Effect
MMMMM MMMM MMMMM Start with 12 health, crown, water, bottle, sword, blimp, lantern, potion, jacket, jumping shoes, and three crystal balls.
KTTTT TQRF TPMTT Start with 15 health, every item except for the Paint, and seven crystal balls.
SNMNR TTRH BBBBL Start with 16 health, every item, and one crystal ball.
TTPTR TSRH CDBBN Start with 16 health, every item, and seven crystal balls.