Mother/In the Field

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This section will cover out-of battle windows, the status screen, and numerous other important tidbits of information. If you've never played Mother before, or don't know what to do with these windows you're seeing, this is the place to start.

Command Window[edit]

In the field press the A button to open up the Command Window. This window will feature six options for you to choose from:

Equipping Items
To equip a weapon or accessory, open the Goods Menus, select the item, and choose "Use". The item should disappear. When you open the Status Menu, it should appear under "Equip"!
  • Talk — Allows you to converse with people and animals. You can also use this to pick up the phone to call your father (see Gameplay for more information).
  • Goods — Opens up the Goods Menu and lets you look at, or use, your items.
  • PSI — Opens up the PSI Menu so you can use PSI. You are only allowed to use healing PSI and Telepathy outside of battle.
  • Check — Allows you to check objects. This is necessary for getting a few melodies in the game and obtaining items from present boxes and trash cans.
  • State — Opens the Status Menu to check your Stats, PSI, equipment, and melodies collected.
  • Setup — Allows you to change the text speed and other options.

There is also a window that appears on the bottom of your screen, which we'll call a Quick-Status Window. It shows:

  • Name — The name of a character.
  • Lvl — The current level of a party member
  • HP — The number of HP a party member has left.
  • PP — The number of PP a party member has left.
  • Exp — The number of experience points a party member has.

Status Window[edit]

What is a "Level Up?"
A "level up" is when a character collects enough experience points and goes to the next level. It is vital to level up high enough to clear the area you're in (we will tell you the level you should be at to clear the area). The higher the level, the stronger you get!

The Status Window is where you can keep track of your stats., PSI, equipment, and melodies. It's a pretty important screen as it can show your advantages and weaknesses.

  • Lvl. — The player's current level. This goes up after collecting a certain amount of experience points.
  • HP — The player's Current/Maximum Hit Points. This goes up as you level up. When your HP reaches 0, your character is KO'd. When all characters are KO'd, the game ends.
  • PP — The play's Current/Maximum Psychic Points. This goes up as you level up. Only Ninten and Ana have PP. If you have enough PP, you can use a PSI attack.
  • Offense — The amount of damage you'll do to the enemies. The amount of damage given is x — ( y / 2 ), where "x" is the player's offense and "y" is the enemy's defense.
  • Defense — The amount of resistance you have against damage. Damage resisted is x — ( y / 2 ), where "x" is the enemy's offense and "y" is your defense.
  • Fight — Shows how often you will land smash attacks.
  • Speed — Shows the character's speed. This determines who goes in what order in battle. For example, if the enemy has a speed of 18, Ninten has a speed of 15, and Lloyd has a speed of 19, the order will be "Lloyd → Ninten → Enemy" unless external factors are involved (Character gets their attributes temporarily lowered, for instance).
  • Wisdom — Shows how much of a chance the player has of inflicting enemies with status ailments (by using items like the Flashdark or PSI). Obviously, you should give all status-inflicting items to the person with the highest Wisdom stat.
  • Strength — A stat that shows how much HP you may receive at level. Also increases your resistance to certain status ailments.
  • Force — A stat that shows how much PP you may receive at level up. Also increases your resistance to certain status ailments.
  • Exp — Show the number of experience points the character has. When you've collected enough, you'll level up.

There is also PSI, which shows all the PSI the character knows; Equip, which shows the equipment the character has; and Melody, which shows all the melodies you have collected.

Status Ailment List[edit]

In battle, sometimes an enemy may attack you and give you a status ailment. These have varying effects, ranging from not-so-harmful to being KOd. Here is a complete list, including how to cure it:

  • Asleep: The character falls asleep and is unable to participate. Cure it with: Cured after the battle; cured after a few rounds; Healing π
  • Asthma Attack: Ninten gets an asthma attack and is unable to participate. Cure it with: Cured after the battle; Asthma Spray
  • Blind: The character becomes blind which makes them less likely to hit the enemy. Cure it with: Cured after the battle
  • Cold: The character becomes blind which makes them less likely to hit. Cure it with: Cured after the battle
  • Confsd: The character gets confused and begins to attack allies. Cure it with: Cured after the battle; the Noble Seed
  • Faintd: The character has no HP left and cannot participate. Cure it with: the Doctor; Super Healing
  • Paralzd: The character becomes stunned and cannot participate. The game ends when all characters are stunned. Cure it with: Cured after the battle; Healing β
  • Poison: The character becomes poisoned and gradually loses HP. Cure it with: the Doctor; Healing α; an Antidote
  • Puzzld: The character begins to daydream instead of fight. Cure it with: Cured after the battle
  • Stone: The character becomes petrified and cannot participate. If all characters are petrified, the game ends. Cure it with: the Healer; Healing γ

Keep in mind that there are also status effects like Stuck, Tied-Up, and PSI Block that you don't show up on the Quick-Status Screen (most of the ailments we listed are shown on this screen and replace your Exp).