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Primary objectives
Objective How to complete
Get to the other end of the hedge Finish the level
Secondary objectives
Objective How to complete
Reach the end with full health Finish the level with all your health

This level is basically the part of the move when they all ran into the hedge, with Vincent on one side and the people on the other. You have to run down the hedge (Hammy and Verne will automatically run) avoiding the branches, and collecting the chips to get health back. After a while, Vincent will start to stick his paw inside the hedge, and you must avoid him or you will lose health. Nearer to the end, Dwayne the verminator will start to stick in his electric prod, which you must also avoid. When the timer reaches zero, you have finished the level. If you get knocked out in the hedge, you will have to start again, and if you have full health at the end, you will have completed the secondary goal.